All the signs have been there: your parents closed up the pool at home, Halloween has come and gone and the mall is beginning to fill up with holiday decorations. This all means that cold weather is on its way; it’s time bundle up! Since many dorm buildings seem to be older than the US Constitution, you can’t expect those concrete floors and walls will be as warm as your room at home. Here are a few easy ways to transform your dorm for snuggle weather.

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Blankets Galore

Whether a massive cold front finally hits campus, or your roommates like to keep the room chilly, having a bunch of throw blankets on hand is a life saver. They make it easy to cozy up anytime without getting under the covers and messing up your bed. For extra warmed, a backup twin XL comforter will make sure you’re completely covered up from winter’s harsh effects. OCM’s stadium blankets are also perfect for bundling up at breezy lacrosse games or keeping you comfy when you’re pulling an all-nighter in the study lounge.


Pump up the Pillows

Congratulations. You were the first one there on move-in day and you got the bed next to the window. While that was a win in September, now you’re the one sleeping next to the thin sheet of glass separating you from the winter wonderland outside. Don’t go crazy moving furniture just yet! Along with mass amounts of blankets, you can keep your bed nice and toasty by placing a body pillow or multiple decorative dorm pillows by the window to keep the cold out. This also creates a big fluffy oasis for you to cuddle in.


Happy Feet

If your dorm room isn’t carpeted, or you just want to add an extra layer of warm and fuzziness, try laying down a dorm room rug. That way, when you get out of your nice warm bed in the morning, your feet won’t freeze on the cold floor. Also, this is the perfect time to invest in some cozy slippers (a dorm room must-have all year!). Your slippers will serve you well all through the dorms—whether you’re just lounging around your room or need to take a quick trip down the hall.


Fall is one of the best, most beautiful times of the year. While the temps may be dropping, you have the perfect opportunity to transform your dorm room into a warm and cozy snuggle zone, worthy of a Netflix marathon weekend.Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

Nov 6, 2014
Dorm Decor

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