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Oct 13, 2019
College Life

Finals time is nearly here, and we can feel it all around campus. Everyone’s got that same desperate look in their eyes. But not us! You know why? Because we’ve learned how to properly eat for all-nighters, tests, final papers, and more! Want to learn how to make your own finals fuel out of the food you can find just about anywhere? Read on to see what you should and shouldn’t eat for the best results!

‍Long Study Sessions

‍Distraction is our biggest problem when we’re stuck in the library for hours a day. There’s just too much tempting us to look away from our texts and notecards. But, luckily, there are a few foods that can help us keep our attention!Get out the guacamole for studying! Avocados are rich in Vitamin K and folate -- both of which are essential to improve memory, focus, and energy. While you’re snacking, try some walnuts, too. They are linked to getting rid of that hazy feeling you get when you’ve been cramming for long periods of time.

‍Exam Day

‍For tests and quizzes, you need instant alertness and high-power fuel from the moment you get out of bed. With the perfect breakfast, you’ll get through your pressure-filled day with extra energy to spare.

Protein is key when you’ve got a lengthy test ahead of you. Egg yolks are awesome energy-boosting options. Add it to whole grain toast to fill you up and avoid embarrassing stomach rumblings. Another great option with similar results is salmon on a wheat bagel. For vegetarians, swap out eggs and fish for greek yogurt.

Paper Writing

‍Final papers require a lot of problem-solving and critical thinking. And when you’re all tapped out from other projects or your day-to-day grind, you need foods that will help you process all that information.Green, leafy veggies, like you’d find in a giant salad, are known to help fire up your brain’s processing systems. Add some virgin olive oil or coconut oil as dressing to help fight inflammation from typing for hours.

‍Study Groups and Projects

‍Whether you love group work or hate it, you have to admit that, when you find the right people to work with, it all comes together. And having a solid study group is an even better tool. Make the work easier with shareable, natural foods everyone will love.

Let’s talk dark chocolate. You can melt it on pretzels or bake it into cookies. But either way, it’s going to help keep you at peak performance. Not only does it have natural sugars when you get the organic kind, but it also lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress! Our suggestion is to melt and cover blueberries. Blueberries are also natural stress reducers. Instant chill!

‍Portfolios and Creative Projects

‍Art, music, design, and theater majors have final exams with different demands. When your finals are more about creating or designing, you need foods that can help you think out of the box.Before you get to your art, have a sip of green tea, which has lower levels of caffeine and promotes cognition. Then, munch on some sushi that releases dopamine. Finish your meal off with a berry pie. Apparently, Steve Jobs used to go on fruit diets to help increase his creativity in the workplace!

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