Looking for a style that conveys cool while still being as unique and as fresh as possible? You’ll love OCM’s Kaleidoscope Aqua print. A steely blue color on a white base with a mandala-esque pattern, you’ll absolutely love how versatile this look can be. Ready to unleash the kaleidoscope on your bed or dorm room? Here’s our top tips on how to decorate and coordinate with our new favorite print.

How to Use the Kaleidoscope Aqua Pattern to Decorate Your Dorm Room

1. The Color Scheme

If you are big on keeping the colors all in line, the kaleidoscope gives you tons to work with. Of course, there’s the base color of aqua. Unlike the trend of going more green with the shade, this one is very squarely blue at heart. Think clear blue ocean with the sky’s reflection. The second base color is the more vibrant aquamarine that does cover the green scale. It’s also outlined in a deep navy for emphasis.

Picking any of these colors is a great starting point on coordinating the rest of your room. For example, go with the aqua for window dressings, table lamps, and poster colors. You can also mix it up with a variety of each for a more diverse, less-focused look.

2. Hippy-Chic

When we first saw this pattern, our minds instantly floated to the summer boho styles we are loving this year. Aqua and aquamarine are making huge comebacks, especially in boho jewelry. You can get equally as funky with your accents by going for items that speak to your laid-back vibes. We especially love motivational posters or throw pillows with beading and tassels.

You can also add ample pillow-style seating options to your room, such as bean bag chairs or even mats. The room’s natural, earth toned colors center the room and make it a space for thinking and dreaming. Creating an area, such as a reading nook out of hanging drapes, low lighting, and extra blankets can bring a little peace and tranquility into your life without sacrificing style.

3. A New Kind of Minimal

On the other hand, a bold pattern such as the kaleidoscope can also need pieces and accessories that detract rather than draw attention. With your bedding being the main focal piece here, go for white and other earth tone shades (such as lighter browns, tans, and creams). They will keep your guest’s eyes where they need to be.

We love the look of white furniture with the aqua. But if you’re not allowed to bring in your own pieces, go for white dry erase or memo boards, white area rugs, and white desk accessories. Tan window dressings and bath linens also coordinate well for a look that will having you saying “ahhh” whenever you walk through the door.

4. Sunny Accents

Finally, the kaleidoscope aqua should also give you courage to be a bit bold with your choices! A bright yellow, distressed gold, or even a glittering silver can all work when you consider your dorm room must-haves. You can DIY a side table using a lavender spray paint and bronze drawer pulls or choose a storage solution in a transparent rainbow color. It all works!

With the kaleidoscope aqua, you have the freedom to decorate and create a room that is totally an expression of your taste and style. Whether it be minimal or loud and proud, this is a look you won’t want to miss out on this fall.

Jun 8, 2016

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