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Sep 9, 2020
Dorm Bedding

Agreeing to live in a dorm room that comes with all of the standard amenities, doesn’t mean that you have to stick with standard, boring bedding that probably pops up a lot of the time when you go to search for Twin XL bedding.

Keep it Cute with Your Standard Dorm Twin XL Bedding

If you’re in the market for something fairly standard and classic, that’s absolutely fine, but that doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from making your dorm room as personalized as you want to. Make it cute! Make it funky! However you’ve always dreamed of designing your dorm room, it’s entirely possible if you’re looking in the right places.

These are some of our favorite Twin XL bedding looks on the internet right now to help inspire you as you create a space that’s all your own.

Funky Florals

Bold Floral Prints Inspired by @6thirtydecor

If you’re a bold person and you’re looking to express that through your dorm decor, you don’t just have to keep that boldness confined to art on the wall and decorative pillows. If you want, you can easily find a bold print to accurately portray just how bold you are in the form of some bedding to act as a statement piece. If you’d like to bring in some femininity, we recommend incorporating some florals.

Whether you’re making your dorm room bedding stand out with bold colors or bold prints (or both), you can easily turn it into something that’s both cute and personalized. Here, they’ve taken bold floral patterns and used a comforter with brightly colored flowers printed over a pale pink base. They’ve created some balance with their colors by offsetting the lighter shades with some black to add a little depth.

The additional floral decorative pillows with a black background, as well as the floral artwork hanging on the way really bring home the flower theme that they’ve created in this dorm room. The simple patterned shag covering the step stool is an easy way to help you get up on the bed if you’re on the shorter side, especially if your bed has been raised up higher than the standard height of a dorm bed.

Get the look with this varsity collection twin XL bedding and bath set, white fringed throw, and peony art print. Click here to shop.

Grizzly Grey

Grey Dorm Decor Inspired by @dormify

Even if you’d prefer to stick with some simple colors, that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice on any cuteness when you’re using those simple colors. Bring some personality to your dorm room decor by adding some pretty colors to your walls, easy color combos to your bedding, and some fun textures to your bedding that will add some extra layers to your dorm room overall.

Here, they’ve kept it pretty simple with some grey and white white bedding, choosing a grey that’s somewhere in the middle of light and dark with a slightly metallic sheen. Using the same greys, they’ve mixed and matched some different textures throughout different layers of the bedding, which is a great way for you to personalize your room.

They’ve also added a series of colorful butterfly artwork to the wall at the side of their bed, which adds a splash of color to these otherwise neutral tones. The heart-shaped LED light at the head of the bed, as well as the bulbed lights that have been strung around the butterfly artwork add a little something extra in the realm of lighting.

Get the look with this starter pak twin XL bedding and bath set, grey handmade knit throw, and metal butterfly wall decor. Click here to shop.

Head in the Clouds

Dreamy Blue Dorm Decor Inspired by @dormify

Depending on where you’ve decided to go to school, there’s probably not always going to be the kind of weather that brings you clear blue skies with the occasional puffy white cloud, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the blue skies and dreamy clouds to your dorm room decor. As long as you’re staying on top of your schoolwork, it’s perfectly okay for you to put your head in the clouds and daydream a little bit while you’re in college. 

Here, they’ve brought the essence of a dreamy sunny day to their dorm room decor by using lots of light blues and whites to give the impression of a light blue sky with a little bit of white mixed in. To make it even more apparent, they’ve also mixed a few different textures together, using faux fur pillows that may remind you of the wispiness of a cirrus cloud or the puffiness of a cumulus one.

On the walls, they’ve added a little extra lighting with star-shaped LED lights, as well as LED string lights, giving off a light glow that’s reminiscent of sunshine (as long as you’re not looking directly at it). The faux white shag rug on the floor rounds out the look, making it feel like you’re situated directly on top of a cloud.

Get the look with this comfort pak twin XL bedding and bath set, faux fur cube ottoman, and faux fur throw rug. Click here to shop.

Light in the Dark

Black and White Dorm Decor Inspired by @dormstate

Not every dorm room is designed with a theme in mind, but if you’re looking for a classic theme that will really make your dorm room something all your own, consider sticking with something that incorporates light and dark colors into one design. Black and white are a classic combination, but you could also shake things up a bit by using navy and light grey as your dark and light colors.

Here, they have stuck to the classic black and white, with touches of grey thrown into the mix to create a look that is both timeless and easily gender neutral. They’ve placed the bed against a black accent wall, using white sheets with some black spots, along with a white quilt, on a grey bed frame to act as the “light” in this room. The black and white accent pillow and throw they’ve added into the bedding ensure that the white bedding isn’t too much.

The black trunk that they’ve placed at the end of the bed acts as a sort of bookend to this look as it sits opposite of the black accent wall. They’ve also placed the bed on top of a black and white patterned rug, and a white shag rug has been placed on top of the other rug to add an extra layer.

Get the look with this complete campus pak twin XL bedding and bath set, chalkboard peel and stick wallpaper, and black armored storage trunk. Click here to shop.

Perfect Prints

Mixed Print Dorm Bedding Inspired by @dormstate

Designing your dorm room to be something that’s truly unique to you doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. You can show your personality through so many different design aspects, whether they be the colors, textures, or specific prints that you use in your bedding, or even the artwork or decor that you incorporate into the look. 

Here, they’ve done a little bit of both of these, mixing and matching the patterns that they’ve used in their bedding, the textures of the pillows that they’ve added to create a little pillow wall on their bed, and even the splashes of colors that they’ve added. They’ve used white sheets with black polka dots, a vertically striped throw, as well as a checkered decorative pillow to mix and match some of the different patterns.

In the same realm, they’ve mixed and matched the textures on the bed by using velvet cloth pillows mixed with faux fur pillows and cotton sheets. To top it off, they’ve added some feminine touches through black and white portraits as their wall art, as well as a vase of pink roses to match the pink pillows they’ve used.

Get the look with this bed in a bag, throw pillow, and “slay” decorative pillow. Click here to shop.

Lovely Lilacs

Light Purple Dorm Decor Inspired by @dormify

You can still have a pretty set of dorm room bedding even if it needs to be in a Twin XL size. Contrary to popular belief, your options for dorm room bedding when you have to cater them to a very specific size aren’t just limited to simple, bland bedding that you’ll grow tired of in a few months' time. Bring on the femininity you hope to express with frills and pretty colors when you set out to design your college dorm room.

Here, they’ve mostly stuck to pastel shades, making purple the feature color of their bedding. While they’ve decided to keep the comforter on the simpler side with a white, ruffled texture, they’ve laid that overtop of some pale lilac sheets that are the perfect touch of feminine to give this look a pretty edge. Throughout the rest of the bedding, they’ve brought in some darker purples to add a little depth to the look. 

The pom poms sewn into the perimeter of one of the purple decorative pillows add a little extra texture to the bedding. An LED sphere dangling from the ceiling adds a little extra light, but what really ties this feminine look together is the purple and white artwork hanging on the wall. They’ve added a pair of lips in shades of purple and gold, as well as a butterfly drawn with a black outline which has been colored in with shades of purple.

Get the look with this bed in a bag, magic unicorn pillow, and wall hanging. Click here to shop.

Shopping for Twin XL bedding isn’t always easy, but since that’s probably the size of bed that you’ll have to find sheets for when you go to move into your college dorm, you might want to start planning ahead. You can make your dorm room bedding into something that’s both cute and uniquely yours. You just have to know where to look.

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