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May 12, 2020
Dorm Decor

Coming into college as a freshman can be quite intimidating. Whether it’s learning the layout of a new college campus, meeting new people, taking hard classes, or even just decorating your dorm room, there are so many new experiences waiting for you. We know you’ll miss home and want to bring all of your favorite books, decorations, and other belongings to your dorm, but with such limited space, it can be difficult to figure out how you’re going to fit everything in your room. 

Plastic storage bins, although cheap and easy to obtain, can look cheap in your dorm room with how you wish to decorate it. Even though storage bins may be efficient, have you ever thought about getting a sturdy, and decorative trunk to easily store all of your belongings? No? Well, if you’re having trouble deciding how you’re going to store everything in your new dorm room, here are some trunks that are essential for not only storing your personal items, books, school supplies, or other belongings, but they are also great for decorating your dorm room as well.


Purchase a Standard Trunk for All Your Storage Needs

Not picky about how you wish to store things? A standard trunk is the best and easiest way to stay on top of your organization in college.

We know that there are many different types of storage trunks for you to buy to keep your dorm room in tip-top shape when you move into your dorm, but if you’re not picky about what kind of trunk that you want, we recommend the Armored Cube Storage Trunk to stay on top of your organization throughout the school year.

The Armored Cube Storage Trunk is the most efficient trunk that you can get for your dorm room that can serve multiple different purposes, such as being used as a bedside table, bench, or even a footrest. Image courtesy of OCM. 

Decorating a dorm room and knowing which decorations you are and aren’t going to use can be a struggle and knowing where to store them can be even harder. Dorm rooms typically don’t have a lot of room, especially if you are sharing with another roommate, but with the Armored Cube Storage Trunk, we know that you will be able to stay organized and even be able to store all of your essentials in this unique trunk.

The Armored Cube Storage Trunk is a 24 pound trunk that is deep enough to be able to hold many different items and has heavy duty steel latches and hardware that is guaranteed to last you through your whole college career. What makes these trunks even better is that they come in many different colors, such as black, navy, white, purple, red, and even a natural wood color. They can also double as a bedside table, a bench, or even a footrest! Whatever your room needs, we know that the Armored Cube Storage Trunk is the perfect trunk for your dorm room. 


Consider a Trunk That is Easy to Travel With, and Even has Wheels!

Trunks can be heavy, so why not make it easier on yourself with a trunk with wheels!

Now that you are considering buying a trunk to help store everything in your dorm, you have to consider how heavy trunks can be. A typical trunk can be made with steel hardware and out of other heavy duty materials that can make them heavy, especially if you have it full with lots of your other belongings. With realizing how hard these can sometimes be to travel with, consider purchasing a trunk with wheels to make it easy to transport from different on campus housing and even when you graduate and decide to live on your own.

Ever thought about getting a trunk that is not only easy to transport from place to place, but can safely store all of your belongings? Well, consider purchasing the XL Indestructo Travel Trunk that can easily store everything you own and is also made out of heavy duty materials and is guaranteed to last you until graduation. Image courtesy of OCM. 

The most essential travel trunk that we recommend that you buy is the XL Indestructo Travel Trunk. Even with looking at this truck, it looks like it would be very heavy, but actually, it is made out of lightweight material to make it easy to transport from place to place and to help it withstand the abuse it may face while in an airport being handled by baggage handlers. This trunk also comes with removable wheels that can be easily put on and taken off for when you wish to use it as storage. 

The XL Indestructo Travel Trunk comes in one neutral color, black, so it is easy to blend in with your other dorm decor and it is water resistant, crack proof, and very strong so it stays intact for many years. This trunk is also specially made to close softly and to keep the lid from slamming shut and the lid will only close if you push it down. The XL Indestructo Travel Trunk is one of the most essential trunks that you can get that is not only portable, but it is also able to safely store all of your belongings in a safe, water resistant, and fashionable place. 


Dorm Rooms Can be Small, So Try a Trunk That Can Fit Under Your Bed

If you’re running low on room, trunks that can fit under your bed are perfect to store all your extra personal possessions!

We know and understand how difficult it can be to store and bring everything from your room at home to your college dorm. Taking into consideration an extra roommate, or even just being low on space in general, it can be challenging to be able to store everything that you want to keep there in a place where you know it won’t become damaged, or end up lost. Trunks are a great way to store everything that you bring to college, and since you may be low on space, consider the Armored Under Bed Trundle Trunk.

Running low on space and need some extra storage space? Consider the Armored Under Bed Trundle Trunk for all your easy storage needs! Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Armored Under Bed Trundle Trunk is a secure trunk that fits perfectly under your bed to maximize the space in your small dorm room to be able to store everything that you will possibly need when you move into your room. This trunk is great because of the heavy duty material it is made out of and the fact that it is waterproof, dent proof, and scratch proof. The Armored Under Bed Trundle Trunk is also an essential storage trunk because it won’t scratch your floors or snag your carpet when you pull it out from under your bed.

Coming in colors such as white, navy, black, purple, forest, and even wine, the Armored Under Bed Trundle Trunk has a tight seal to keep moisture, insects, dirt, and even odors from getting inside and damaging your possessions. It even comes with rubber Snap and Go Wheels to easily add onto the trunk with no tools required! Overall, if you’re limited on space, we believe that the Armored Under Bed Trundle Trunk is perfect for you!


Got a Trunk, But Need Extra Storage Space? Get Some Hardwood Trays to Store Smaller Items

Don’t want those small personal belongings of yours getting lost within the depths of your trunk? Buy these hardwood trays that can be easily placed inside your trunk so you can’t lose your smaller items!

Did you know that you can buy easy to install trays that can easily fit into your trunk with no tools needed? Yes, you can! With these easy to install Hardwood Trays for Armored Storage Trunks, they are able to keep all of your smaller personal belongings safe and secure in one place, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the depths of your trunk no matter how big or small it is. 

The Baltic Birch Hardwood Trays for Armored Storage Trunks can come in handy for those small personal belongings that you don’t want to end up lost at the bottom of your storage trunk. Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Hardwood Tray for Armored Storage Trunks come with mounting brackets for a quick and easy installation and the tray can be removed at any time. Made out of Baltic Birch hardwood, these trays are guaranteed to last you until you graduate from college and they work for almost any Rhino Armor Large Trunk, which includes the ones mentioned previously! Trying to find the perfect trunk can be a challenge, especially when you have smaller items that you don’t want to get lost, so consider purchasing the Hardwood Tray for Armored Storage Trunks today to keep your small items close and safe.

We hope that we were able to help you with finding the perfect storage trunk for your dorm room! Instead of opting for those cheap, plastic storage bins that can muddle the look of your overall dorm style, try purchasing a unique, and even aesthetically pleasing looking trunk to spruce up the look of your dorm room, while also storing your other belongings in a safe place. Is there a storage trunk that is your absolute favorite that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

Also, if you’re interested in more ways to store your belongings besides using storage trunks, make sure to check out one of our previous articles on college trunks and other storage solutions!

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