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Oct 27, 2020
Dorm Bedding

The bedding for your dorm room can be a make-or-break purchase. When deciding between quality and price as well as style, you may be afraid to buy a bedding set that you’ll regret. Don’t fret about finding your ideal dorm bedding while saving money, maximizing quality, and styling your dorm to your preferences. Dorm room bedding packages can save you from any dorm shopping dilemma. While saving money with a bundle deal on your stylish bedding, get even more bang for your buck with affordable, creative room decor. 

Before you take the plunge, make sure you’ve picked out a dorm room bedding package that will actually fit your needs. There are lots of things to consider:

  • How to tell if a dorm room bedding set is high quality
  • Finding dorm bedding that fits your style
  • Strategies for saving money on dorm decor
Get quality bedding at lower costs with an efficient bedding package. Image courtesy of

Understanding Dorm Bedding Package Quality

Thread Count and Fabric and Weaves, oh my!

There are a few key elements you have to consider when shopping for the best bedding. The thread count refers to the number of threads present per square inch of fabric. Generally, thread counts between 200 and 800 dictate higher quality, softer fabrics. 

The type of fabric is also an important factor. Cotton is the most desirable bedding fabric due to its texture. Cotton’s natural fibers furthermore make it ideal for sensitive skin. Modern textile processes have also made polyester and microfiber perfect fabric alternatives to cotton. No matter which of these three you choose, it’s easy to find a fabric for your ideal bedding. 

Thread Count and Dorm Room Bedding Packages: What You Need to Know

Don’t stress yourself about attaining the highest thread counts you can find. With various other elements that determine the quality of fabric, a crazy high thread count won’t always mean a high quality fabric. Shady fabric producers can use extra plies and thread strands to conflate thread count numbers, making a low quality fabric seem better than it is. A legitimate 200 count can be perfectly cozy and affordable during your dorm room years without breaking the bank. 

Choosing a Fiber or Fabric that Will Be Comfy All Year Round

Cotton is considered the most ideal bedding fabric because of its softness, durability, and breathability. Cotton jersey is perfect, breathable fabric with its knit thread pattern. Long-staple fibers in a cotton fabric can elevate its quality and give a smoother texture--Egyptian and Pima cotton are great examples. 

Polyester is an affordable cotton alternative as well, with its low tendency to wrinkle and the fabric becomes softer over time. Microfiber is made of fine polyester fibers and can be a reasonable and cozy bedding fabric. 

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Dorm Room Bedding Package

Everyone’s bedding needs differ, so just make sure you cover your own bases. Consider a dorm bedding package that includes a bath set, storage tools, and other dorm supplies if you’re still missing those items. Grab a simple bedding set or bed-in-a-bag if you’re only in need of essential bedding pieces. And choose from an array of trendy colors and patterns to make sure you can cozy up in your bed in style. 

Leopard print is the perfect pattern for a bold and beautiful style.

A Dorm Room Bedding Package Defines Your Dorm Room Style

How to Find the Colors, Textures, and Prints that Express Your Personality

If you feel stuck on how to decorate your dorm room, there’s plenty of ways to find your dorm inspiration that allows you to express yourself. Check out the clothes in your closet for a general understanding of your tastes. Do you see mostly solids, graphics, or a mix? Any color schemes you notice, whether pastel or neutral? Any textures your clothes seem to gravitate to? What you wear everyday may be a perfect indicator of your style tastes but don’t fret if your closet is helping your creative juices. 

The next step is finding visual inspiration to help you understand the styles and visual elements you most love in a room. The easiest and most palatable decor style is to have a balance of various elements. Use solid colors, graphic patterns, and cozy textures to your liking when decking out your dorm. 

Cat Power!

Leopard Print Bedding Inspired by @ourss9

If days filled with classes and boring reading assignments get you down, get yourself a dorm style that’s full of energy and excitement. With eye-catching prints and a consistent style theme, your dorm room can become your new oasis from the draining and less aesthetically-pleasing parts of college. 

Bold leopard print bedding is a perfect graphic print to give your room a splash of life. The print is classic and iconic for a reason: it exudes boldness and style with ease. It’s therefore easy to find chic decor and bedding with the easy-to-style animal print.

Consider bedding and decor pieces that are more muted to let the leopard print take the spotlight. The room above is a perfect example of pairing a classic leopard print with other muted, neutral prints and complementary cat-themed decor. Make your room empowered and brazen with the right combination of prints and style themes. 

Is this your style? Get the look with this cute leopard print throw blanket.

Be Bold, Brash, and Don’t Clash

A Monochromatic Leopard Print Look  by @messinteriors

For many students, the most color-filled parts of their days are looking at their highlighted notes and smirking at the stock photos in their textbooks. Don’t let your work be your only exposure to energizing colors. Get yourself and your dorm a dose of color with a vivid combination of graphic prints. 

One of the reasons for the chicness and timelessness of leopard print is its effortless mix of neutral colors and lively imagery. The neutral color scheme makes it an ideal pattern to complement other bold prints without the potential of clashing. Rich texture can also be a striking visual accent to a lively leopard print. 

Leopard print bedding is ideal for having a room of bold prints and textures. Use pillows with any print or texture to give your bed some chic dimensionality. Don’t be afraid of mixing prints--as long as the print has a neutral color in it, you won’t risk it clashing with the leopard print. 

Is this your style? Get the look with this cute Novogratz Maddison 6-Piece Dorm Bedding Bundle. Click to shop!

Dorm Bedding Packages Save $$$

Your bedding isn’t the only dorm necessity you can save money on--get value at lower costs with room decor as well.Image courtesy of

Here’s How to Save Money on the Rest of Your Decor

Once you have your bold and beautiful bedding style figured out, you might want to focus on the decor items that’ll surround your bed. Since you’re already saving with bedding packs and bundles, you may as well continue to save with your decor items. One thing to focus on is choosing decor items that have as much style as they do function. Decor that looks good and serves a purpose in your dorm will make the purchase doubly worth it. You can also snag multiple decor items in combo packs to get more value for your dollars. 

With cost-effective bedding that looks as good as it feels, you may never want to leave your dorm. Image courtesy of

With all the knowledge and inspiration you need to get yourself the most affordable, amazing quality, fashionable bedding, you’re ready to make your floormates jealous of your dorm room. Your dream bedding bundle is out there--and your dorm room is waiting on its style makeover. Go grab yourself a bedding bundle that’ll leave you, your wallet, and your room all content at once.

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