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Sep 20, 2020
Dorm Bedding

In love with this bedding? Or, perhaps you are obsessed. This whole room is tugging at our heartstrings and is giving us those exciting feelings of decorating our own dorm room again. Trust us, we know you’re excited. We’re excited for you, even though we’re not the ones moving into a dorm. Now, we might not be able to focus on every aspect of dorm room styles, but if we focus on the bedding, perhaps then you’ll find other pinterest-worthy decorations to use in your dorm.

dorm room bedding
Image courtesy of Pinterest.

In this post, we will be focusing on the bedding. Depending on the style, we will match you with the right color, theme, and mood you are attempting to set in your room. Also, we want to make this one true dorm sweet dorm, and your dorm away from home.

1. Steal the show with gray covering

Gray is a gorgeous color to work with. Let’s focus on the bedding.

A nice soft medium-shade gray is perfect if you are a solid’s person. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If you are looking for a Pinterest-worthy bedding that you can reuse and style over and over again for the next four years? You might have found your bedspread. We like this bedspread because it is simple, and the look is easier to obtain than most. With the simple straight line design and the simple decorative pillows to go along with the comforter set, there’s no better comforter set out there that could help achieve a look this simple.

Are you vibing with this comforter set? You can get a similar look with this comfy and fluffy Premium College twin XL comforter set over on OCM. A look this gorgeous will never go unnoticed, and achieving this Pinterest look, bedding-wise, will prove just how trendy you truly are.

2. Dreaming in Zigzags

If you are not dreaming abstractly, are you even in a Pinterest-worthy room?

With stripes, you can also achieve a simpler, but avant-garde approach with this Pinterest-inspired bedding. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Let’s face it, we cannot remain nonchalant about this bedding and the vibes it gives us. However, you are more than welcome to comment on how darling the bedding is, and how well the pictures and pillows complement the bedding. If stripes are something you would enjoy obsessing over this school year, pick out your choice over at OCM. They are well-known for having the best design choices and best deals when it comes to bedding for your dorm, or for your apartment, if you are living in either this year.

To up your styling game this year, pick this awesome New Berlin Stripe Full-Queen quilt three piece set on OCM. OCM is and will always be the one stop for all your shopping and decorating needs.

3. Simple White Covers

White is a nice simple color to use. It adds authenticity to many areas of your life and your room.

All Pinterest-worthy rooms are simple, but have a true authentic touch to describe who you are as a person. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If you are more interested in simple bedding, but also are looking to make a statement, you might want to try out white. Just like black, white goes with everything. If it is not a white rug you’re trying to obtain a look for, then it ought to be your bedding. This bedding is perfect for the Pinterest queen that dominates the entire dorm, especially when it comes time to move out toward the end of the school year. Even if you are not looking to cause a scene with white bedding, you might want to try and add your own personal touch, as this look is meant to bring out the best in you.

If white is not your color, there are still plenty of other choices you can make to add that personal touch of your personality onto your bedding. If you are interested in obtaining this look, let’s direct you to the bedding first, which is found on OCM, and we will let you go from there.

4. Geometric Shapes at its Finest

If there are no geometric shapes, then you need to try again.

This look is perfect for the outgoing and quirky girl. This look is also perfect for the naturalist. This Pinterest-worthy bedding is perfect for the ones that enjoy nature and beauty. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

No matter the color, geometric shapes are always able to pop. If you are looking to shake things up in your dorm this bedding type might be for you. With the backdrop of color, whether it’s white, green, or black, the use of geometric shapes will make this comforter set the most rivaled on campus. If you are interested in being rivaled, or if your dorm has a contest for the most unique bedding, then this comforter set is for you. We recommend checking out a similar look over at OCM, where the joys of making Pinterest-worthy rooms never stops.

5. A Quilt Set built for a Queen

Quilts are the next best thing if you don’t desire a comforter set.

If you are not yet convinced this bedding is made for a queen, we will! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Here we are, convincing you that this comforter set was made for a queen, and you are that queen. Rock this new school year right with this rosy-accented quilt. A bonus to having a quilt set compared to a comforter: it is made out of cotton and it is light and airy. Also, it is easier to wash and transport. Quilt sets like this are easy to decorate, and they will not cost you as much as a comforter set would. If you desire to feel like a queen, check out a similar style here on OCM.

6. Polka Dot Covers

If zigzagged lines are not your thing, try out polkadots. They might be a game changer for you.

If you are not a huge fan of zigzag lines, try out polka dots. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If zigzag lines are something you tend to avoid, you might like polka dots instead. No matter what size the polka dots are, or the shape, there is nothing wrong with using polka dots. The design is Pinterest-worthy because of its simple design, and it also makes an affordable look to go for, for your dorm. You will be able to achieve this look with the right bedding. Over at OCM, we have found a look so similar, you will buy it immediately. We promise, you will!

The comforter that we found is a Bed in a Bag, which means you are able to take your bedding anywhere you go. Whether it is back home for a weekend, or a night in another friend’s dorm room, you will still have a piece of your dorm room with you. For more information, check out this Holli Zollinger Dot and Plus Mudcloth Bed in a Bag, only on OCM.

7. Dreaming in Hues of Blue

You can never go wrong with a look this good.

If you like cactus’, or you enjoy making Pinterest-worthy rooms, you should strongly consider this soft comforter set. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

There is one rule we stand by while giving you ideas: each comforter set, or decorative piece, is up to you to purchase, we only want to help you along the way to make the best decisions in terms of decorating your dorm to make yourself feel more at home. With this look, you’ll want something simple if you are achieving a Pinterest-worthy room. The blue hue that is used here goes great with cactus decorations. However, the style is completely your choice. As we focus on bedding primarily in this post, we suggest checking out OCM for the best styles to help you achieve the Pinterest-worthy dorm room of your dreams.

Ready to jump on the bandwagon? We suggest checking out this style: IZOD Riley Full-Queen Comforter Set. Made with a soft and gorgeous heather fabric, you will be set for the remainder of the year and beyond. This tailored look will give a fresh touch to your dorm, and it will keep you feeling refreshed and renewed each time you step in and out of your dorm. If interested, check out this comforter set here.

8. Plants and Floral Bedding

Bedding that you can use and reverse to fit your needs.

If your style preference is more on the floral, and girly side of Pinterest-worthy bedding, you are in luck! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

With this look, and how incredibly Pinterest-worthy it is, you are free to customize as much as you’d like. However, for those that are interested in the floral theme, you are able to reverse this look by using a floral patterned comforter set and purchasing a solid color throw blanket, preferably in the same pink as the comforter set.

If you are looking to achieve the solid color with a cactus, or other plant patterned throw blanket, we recommend trying the Ravello Pintuck Full-Queen Comforter five piece set, exclusively found on OCM. This comforter set, along with two matching shams and decorative pillows, is perfect for the minimalist lifestyle.

If you are searching for the opposite of this look, which is a floral comforter and a solid colored throw blanket, we recommend the Iveta Abolina Snow Rose Bed in a Bag, only on OCM. It’s called a bed in a bed because you are able to transport it anywhere you go. All items in this set are made from one-hundred percent polyester. Also, will last you all four years of your college life.

These Dreams are made of Purple

Dream away, or study away, in this gorgeous purple comforter set.

If Heaven and Earth do collide, we think the explosion will be drenched in hues of purple, especially this shade. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

We believe in purple, and we believe this is the color for you. This color screams Pinterest-worthy, with the skull throw pillow thrown in with a pop of color, and the stringed lights that hang over the bed. This look is perfect for the person that is seeking their Pinterest-worthy dorm room. Now, as far as decorations go, that is completely up to you. As of right now, we only care for the bedding.

If you are stuck on what decorate pillows to use, or what bathroom stuff you’ll want to match your Pinterest-worthy bedding, you will want to check this awesome Varsity Collection pack, a twenty-seven piece Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set. This whole set will have you prepared to take on the new year. This set is available only on OCM.

With so many choices out there online, we think Pinterest, along with OCM, are the best pairing you will experience with shopping for bedding for your dorm. No matter what you choose, we hope your dorm is the best Pinterest-worthy dorm on your campus. With each of these looks, you will be able to redo them for the next four years, and even after you graduate.

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