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Sep 14, 2020
Dorm Bedding

When it comes to creating the dorm room you want and buying the items that fit your picture perfect style, it’s necessary to keep in mind that you’ll be using and living with these pieces for the next four years. So, that means you’ll want to purchase top quality items that are comfortable, durable, and guaranteed to last the entirety of your college career.

Buying luxury dorm bedding doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. The money you pay for a piece now will certainly pay off over time when the quality has held up and the piece looks as good as it does on the day you bought it! Also, just because you’re buying college dorm items, doesn’t mean you can only use them for four years then they have to be tossed. Bedding, throw blankets, accent pillows, decor, etc can all be used after college -- either in your house, apartment, or next dorm room in graduate school! 

We will cover all of the luxury items that give you the biggest bang for your buck and are guaranteed to last through your four years of college and hopefully beyond!

  • Pillows 
  • Blankets
  • Mattress Pads
  • Comforters


Your Essential Comfort Item


When it comes to your dorm room bedding, you need to select a pillow that is comfortable and the right fit for your sleeping style. A good pillow can make or break your sleeping experience because after all being comfortable is the key to falling asleep. So, when looking at pillows sometimes the top quality ones are the best. While a cheap pillow from a department store seems like a great option, oftentimes these pillows are uncomfortable and turn out to be bad purchases. Therefore, a top notch pillow is a great investment to ensure you will be well rested all semester during your busy class schedule, clubs, work, sports and any other activities that require a good night's rest for a great performance the next day. 

Martex Purity Standard White Garnetted Bed Pillow powered by SILVERbac: $39.99, This pillow is great because it’s supersoft and filled with luxurious EcoPure material made from recycled plastic bottles. SILVERbac technology adds silver to the pillow material to protect against odor, the pillow is also enclosed in a cover so the SILVERbac technology is never lost. 

Protect-A-Bed SNOW Nordic Pillow: $89.95, This pillow is for all the sleepers who tend to get HOT at night. This pillow features snow cooling technology to help you stay cool all night long. Conveniently coming in three styles for multi position sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers you are sure to find the right fit for your needs.

Keller Faux Mongolian Body Pillow: $59.99, Who doesn’t want to cuddle up to this luxurious faux fur body pillow every night? Not to mention how stylish this pillow will look as a great accent to your dorm bedding. 

Accent Pillows 

Spice Up Your Bedding With These Luxurious Accent Pillows 

Accent Pillows

After you’ve grabbed your perfect sleeping pillow, it’s time to deck out your bed in beautiful accent pillows. These help make your dorm room feel cozy and like a perfect home. They add to the overall stylish ambiance and make great conversation starters when you invite your friends over to look at your room! Throw pillows can change up your space by adding a little extra oomph, showcase your personality with a humorous pillow or one with a motivational quote, or just add a pop of color. Whatever pillows you choose, they will add to the coziness of your room which will in turn make you feel more comfortable in your dorm space! 

Ibenz Ice Velvet Pillow: $29.99, This velvet accent pillow will make a stylish addition to your bed because velvet is in right now, not to mention it also looks and feels expensive. 

Remen Faux Fur Cube Ottoman in White: $89.95, This soft, plush ottoman will add a touch of style and coziness to your dorm room while looking lavish and beautiful. Ottomans are very useful in college, especially if you plan to loft your bed for more storage underneath, these make great step stools for getting onto your bed and look luxurious in the process.

Kari Keller Round Faux Mongolian Pillow: $29.95, We are loving the look of these fashionable mongolian faux fur accent pillows because they look expensive, but don’t break the bank. This beautiful teal color will pop against white, gray, and gold colors!


Because You Can Never Have Too Many Blankets


Throw blankets are a dorm room essential item, you can find them everywhere. One for your bed, one for your favorite study chair, one for your desk, one for sporting events, and maybe even one for your couch or futon if you plan on getting one of those! Nothing feels better than curling up with your favorite throw blanket for a nice nap or having a blanket with you at a chilly sporting event. They’re a great way to show off your style and can add a touch of elegance to any dorm room. So, no matter how many or how little throw blankets you want, you can always find a use for them! 

Handmade Knit Throw in Pink: $79.95, We love the chunky knitting style in this throw blanket. The oversized knit makes for a high fashion look, that doesn’t include how comfortable this will be to sleep with every night!

Vellux Faux Fur Light Brown Leopard Throw: $49.99, This super plush throw blanket will make a great addition to nights when you want to cozy up in bed without any disturbances. The leopard print looks real and fashionable and will pop with the rest of your decor. The blanket comes in an extra long size so use it as an extra layer during colder months or scrap your comforter for this blanket during the hot summer months. 

Cubby Faux Fur Decorative Throw With Micromink Back: $34.99, This throw blanket is the ultimate combination of comfort, coziness, and luxury. The softness speaks for itself while the faux fur creates an expensive look. You won’t be disappointed when grabbing this blanket for a rejuvenating nap!

Mattress Pads 

Increase the Comfort of Your Dorm Bed

Mattress Pads 

If there’s anything you should know before arriving at college, it’s that the mattresses provided to you are NOT comfortable. Trust us when we say you’ll want a mattress topper, it will be your lifesaver. We’ve said before that it’s difficult to fall asleep when you're uncomfortable, so don’t risk taking chances with your dorm mattress. A mattress pad will be a great investment for the next four years of your college career and you will not regret spending the extra cash on a high quality mattress pad. 

Ultimate Gel Flex Memory Foam: $79.95, This mattress pad combines the cooling comfort of gel with the ultimate coziness of 2.5 inches of memory foam. So, with this best of both worlds mattress pad you can rest comfortably and keep cool for the next four years. 

Combination Gel Twin XL 3 Inch Memory Foam: $129.95, This mattress pad also offers the cooling technology of gel with three inches of memory foam. The open cell design whisks away moisture and provides support. This mattress pad will conform to your body in the sleeping position you enjoy while keeping you cool and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep. 

Zotto Premium 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper: $199.00, This mattress pad keeps all your needs in mind -- designed with pressure point relief and body-conforming technology. This mattress pad will guarantee a restful and comfortable night’s sleep for the next four years. 


Sleep in Style With a Luxury Comforter 

Holli Zollinger Emerald Arrowing Bed In A Bag

A comforter is one of the last items you will need to complete your college dorm bedding checklist. A comforter is a major part of your room and decor, you will be spending the most time with it, so it’s best that you love your comforter. You can use these to add a pop of color, style, personality, and a little flare to your room. So, don’t skimp when it comes to picking out the one you love most. Look for a comforter that is cozy and comfortable but also fashionable enough to have a place in your room. You might even want to center your color scheme and make the rest of your decor choices based on what your comforter looks like, so make sure you put a lot of thought into this crucial decision. 

Holli Zollinger Emerald Arrowing Bed in a Bag: $179.95, We love the look of this bold and unique comforter that is stylish with a beautiful pop of color, and resembles the look of a pine tree. It is sure to be a conversation starter piece. It also comes with all of your essentials -- including the tote bag, duvet cover, pillow sham, and matching throw pillow!

College Classic Full XL Comforter: $49.95, This affordable comforter looks like royalty! The stylish fleur de lis pattern exudes luxury and will pair fabulously with the rest of your decor items. 

Iveta Abolina Snow Rose Bed in a Bag: $179.95, This beautiful and stylish floral design in this comforter looks delicately chic and elegant. The light floral colors will accent the rest of your decor and make your room shine.

These luxurious items will add an extra flare of excellent taste to your room this semester and for the next four years! You will not be disappointed with your purchase of these top quality items that look and feel beautiful.

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