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Aug 4, 2014
College Life

Sharing a dorm with someone can be a wonderful experience.  You get to live in the same space as someone who is in the exact same phase of their life as you; therefore, sharing an experience, providing a sense of comfort, and helping with supporting their studies is extremely easy.  While this is true, sharing a small space means there is limited privacy.  Being an overbearing or disrespectful roommate can cause friction and create an uncomfortable living environment.  Tension will build, and soon enough you two will start fighting over the most menial issues.  Read our advice below on how to practice the best ways in giving your roommate privacy and avoiding an unhealthy living environment.

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Keep Your Space

It is not uncommon for one roommate to have significantly more belongings than the other.  Granted, things may spill over to his/her side every now and then when you are rushing out the door to make it to class.  However, generally speaking, you two should keep a fine line between their side of the room and yours.  Not only will it benefit you while cleaning since you only have to keep to one side of the room, but it will also save you the headache of having your things jumbled up with theirs.  Respect their privacy by keeping your things kept to your side and not overlapping theirs. Keep your belongings out of sight and organized with one of our college dorm trunks.

Always Ask When Borrowing

This is the golden rule of shared living: When borrowing your roommate’s possessions, always ask first!  One of the most common reason for fights between roommates happens when one person uses or wears something of their roommates without asking for permission.  Avoid this by asking her when she is in the room, or sending a quick text.  Asking lets your roommate know that you respect her things and only want to borrow them if she is comfortable with it.  Avoid the “Are you wearing my new shirt?” fights and get the O.K. beforehand.

Don’t Over Do it with Guests

While it is great you want to hang out with your friends and show them how cool your dorm room is, you should try make sure your roommate is aware.  Unexpected visitors can throw a wrench in whatever your roommate was doing beforehand, and make them feel uncomfortable being in their own dorm.  Avoid this by letting your roommate know that you are going to have guests stop by and if she is comfortable with that.  If she is not, there are many other places around campus that you can have a get together at.  Remember, it is your roommates dorm just as much as it is yours, so be mindful that they might not want to have people in their space all the time.Always keep keep a sleeping bag or extra blankets around in case friends from home are staying in your dorm. Take a look at some of OCM's Twin XL Bedding packs.

Schedule “Quiet Hours”

Sharing a space can be difficult when it comes to coordinating study hours.  Since you two will most likely have very different schedules, your dorm room and sometimes feel like it has a revolving door.  To avoid distractions and noise when you need peace, schedule  “quiet hour” with your roommate.  Choose at least one hour of the day where the dorm must be kept completely silent so that studying, napping, or just clearing of the mind can take place. Make sure to mark it down on a dry erase decal on your door so your whole floor knows.

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