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Jun 12, 2020
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Starting college is a big step in life and can be quite frightening to some. Between classes, extracurriculars, and gameday - we college students need a place where we can go and relax. For those who live on campus or go to college far from home, that ‘chill place’ is your dorm room. However, most college students end up sharing a room. This can be challenging if you've never done it before. So to make this transition more comfortable, it's important to make your side of the room a sanctuary where you can make the best of your free time. 

It can be hard to make a shared living space feel like your favorite place if you aren’t familiar with the people you’re living with. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best safes to make sure your worries are gone. So whether you’re rooming with someone you've never met, or a friend you've known since preschool, having this safe ready on move-in day will already give you a sense of security. 

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The Best Safes for Dorm Rooms

First we will introduce OCM’s three safes. All have spacious interior measurement for items like an iPad to a wad of cash. These safes are easy to store in a closet, drawer, or under your bed. Therefore, no need to waste time by trying to make extra space in your dorm.

Honeywell Small Steel Security Safe

Who says safes have to be boring? Our Digital Steel Compact Security Safe (.19 cubic feet) has a compact design that’s perfect for dorm rooms, apartments and college living. Inside, it’s carpeted to protect valuables from getting scratched. This safe has a number of protective features, including a solid steel cabinet, anti-theft hinges and two live steel locking bolts. Peace of mind never looked so good.   

This safe is best for those who only have a few small things to hide. Image courtesy of OCM

If you're the type of person that has some extra money laying around or your favorite pair of diamond earrings you worry about others getting to, this safe is perfect for you. The interior storage capacity will be more than enough room for the small things you need to lock up. The safe has an easy-to-use programmable digital lock, so you have no need to worry about hiding a key. If this sounds like a safe you’d be interested in purchasing, it is offered in both black and white. Therefore, this safe can match your style and will let you leave your room or go to sleep without worrying about others rumbling through your stuff. 

Get the Honeywell Small Steel Security Safe at OCM for $49.99.  

Honeywell 17 inch Notebook Security Safe

It’s easy for laptops to disappear when they’re left out. Store yours in our Digital Pull-Out Drawer Steel Security Safe (1.10 cubic feet) for safe keeping. The safe has a digital lock with a LED readout. Once unlocked, the safe functions as a pull-out drawer. Just place your laptop inside the carpeted interior. Then close the safe drawer to lock it. Now you can trust that your computer is safe and secure.   

This safe can be tied to your bed for extra security. Image courtesy of OCM.  

17 inch easy to hide safe than can fit in dorm room drawers. Image courtesy of OCM

For those looking for a safe a little larger than the one previously mentioned, then check out this one. If you have slim items like a laptop, passport, or a book of passwords, this safe would be great. Even though this safe is bigger, it can still easily fit in a desk drawer or on a closet self. Because of its size though, it is more expensive. But using a safe like this, where you only need to remember your combination, should make hiding personal things easy.

Get the Honeywell 17 inch Notebook Security Safe at OCM for $169.99.

Honeywell Fire Resistant Security Box with Key

For theft, fire and heat protection in a safe, you can’t beat the practicality of our Fire Resistant Steel Security Box with Key Lock (.18 cubic feet). It features double steel wall construction and fire-resistant insulation to protect your valuables from heat and fire. The key lock and concealed hinge add to the safe’s security. For storing, it’s easy to conceal under a bed, in a closet or in your favorite hiding spot.

If you're looking to make sure plenty of your items are secure, check out this safe. With interior dimensions of 3.5"H x 11.6"L x 7.3"W, this safe is big enough for any items you choose to hide. while this safe doesn't have a combination lock, it has a small and easy to hide key. And for an additional security plus, this safe comes with an attached rope so you can easily tie it to a larger hard to move item. 

Get the Honeywell Fire Resistant Security Box with Key at OCM for $59.99. 

Additional Items for Maximum Security

Now that we’ve introduced all of OCM’s safe, their website has additional items to make sure your most valuable things are secure. These items can be used in addition to the safes we’ve previously mentioned or used separately. 

Word Combination Lock for Armored Storage Trunks

The WordLock is a great way to safeguard the items you put in your Storage Trunk. Instead of numbers that are hard to remember or keys that are easy to lose, you use words as your combination. Best of all, you get to set the word that unlocks your trunk. Create your own combination and set it. You can change the word combination as often as you like, and it's easy to do. Words are easy to remember, numbers are easy to forget. This lock provides 100,000 word and letter combinations. 

Heavy resistant word lock for safes or storage trunks. Image courtesy of OCM.

If the safes are a little over your budget this lock will do the job. Wth this heavy resistant WordLock you'll never have to worry about others getting into your items. This lock will  protect up to 3,000 pounds of pull strength and is guaranteed until graduation. This lock can be put on a safe for extra security or easily latched to a storage trunk for large items. Either way, with over 100,000 letter combinations, your items are sure to be safe. Check out this product in pink, gray, black, or red.

Get the Word Combination Lock for Armored Storage Trunks at OCM for  $9.95.

Seward Under Bed Wheeled Storage Footlocker Trunk

Make the most of your space and expand your storage options with this Seward Under Bed Wheeled Storage Footlocker Trunk. Durable wooden construction, a heavy-gauge vinyl covering and a paper-lined interior to protect contents make this trunk a reliable solution for storage and organization. The Seward Under Bed Wheeled Storage Footlocker Trunk includes high-impact styrene binding, nickel plated hardware, two recessed wheels and a side handle to make moving the trunk simple. It also features an easy open push button key lock (includes two keys) and can also be locked with a padlock for added security. 

Trunk with key lock and ring to attack the WordLock. Image courtesy of OCM

For anyone who has shopped with OCM before or has scrolled through their page, it is obvious that their Armored Trunks are one of their most popular items. This Armored Trunk measuring at 31" wide x 18.25" long x 8.5" high is the most compatible of the trunks offered. Despite how bulky the trunk may appear in the image, it only weighs 20 pounds. While it serves as its own type of safe already with the lock and key, you can secure it again with the WordLock product we previously mentioned. This product is offered in black and purple. If you need lots of room for items you want to protect and keep under your bed, consider purchasing this Armored Trunk!

Get the Seward Under Bed Wheeled Storage Footlocker Trunk at OCM for $99.99.  

Armored Cube Storage Trunk

Your room’s most versatile addition: the Rhino Armored Storage Trunk secures your stuff and doubles as a bedside table, bench, foot rest … whatever your room needs. Perfect height and width, built for dorm room storage in your limited space. Rugged construction keeps out water, dirt and other pests. Dent- and scratch-proof - packs all the durability of a steel steamer trunk in a compact, dorm-ready size. 

Cubed Storage Trunk for extra security. Image courtesy of OCM.

If you’re all about doubling and versatility this is the item for you. This 18” L x 18” W x 20” H trunk weighs 24 pounds alone. Since this storage trunk doesn’t include a key, you will need to purchase the WordLuck to secure your items. However, this item is guaranteed to fit perfectly in any dorm room since it is offered in eight different colors. Check out this product to secure items and make your room a little more home like.  

Now that you have seen the safes that OCM sells and the additional items for extra security you’re all set! When move-in day arrives you won’t need to worry about where you will store your precious items because you’ll have the safe ready. If move-in day arrives and you feel as though you are still lacking a few college essential items, check out OCM's website

If you have purchased one of these items in the past, be sure to write a review letting us know how it worked. If you are still using your item, take a picture and show us how it helps you feel secure in a shared space. And lastly, good luck in college!

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