One of the biggest fears among new college students is how to make friends, which is a totally rational fear! To alleviate your fears, our friend Rachel from Sunshine & Sinatra has jotted down some killer advice she's came upon at school.Being that I have 4 semesters under my belt, I feel that I could be qualified as “Queen of making friends”, considering I’ve also transferred two times until finally getting it right. For the loud, outgoing, popular girl; sure it’s easy to make friends - people will flock to you. But are you the one who had friends in high school from many different groups? Did you juggle sports, interest clubs, and the friends you’ve grown up with since birth? Well, I’d like to let you know that you, my friend, are on the track to success.Walking into your dorm for the first time, unpacking your clothes, saying goodbye to your parents (and trying to hold back those tears), your roommate appears in the doorway. You either squeal with excitement or are overwhelmed by the awkwardness. Don’t fret, they feel the same way. You head out to the freshman orientation event (that you are forced to go to) but secretly you’re like I need to make friends. The banners are overflowing, you get attacked with overly excited club members telling you how much their group rocks, and you nod and walk away. I have advice for you, CHECK OUT THOSE TABLES.

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Religious groups? Hey, so maybe you’re not into going to your place of worship on the daily, but these people want to be there for you. They will help guide you around campus, you may or may not feel like king/queen of the world (it’s okay to do so), and you get a ton of free food for attending events. Please don’t tell me you’d turn that bad boy down! The great part about groups in college are that they will not say no to anyone. Interested in Judaism? Buddhism? Go for it; there’s a club for that!Greek life? You watched the movies growing up and seeing how awesome being the president of the sorority or fraternity is so you obviously have aspirations to be that one day - juuuuust like the movies. The great part about Greek life is that YES, there is a place for you. The sporty ones, the crafty ones, the list goes on. The great part about recruitment is that you can figure out a place where YOU belong. Plus, you get to walk around campus with showing off your Greek gear! You are bound to have friends in the blink of an eye. If not, you can come find and talk to me personally.

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Your roommate? You guys share the same fridge, sleeping schedule (sometimes), and learning the habits of one another. They take biology course, you take art courses. You can meet friends through each other! Try hanging out during meals (that’s how I made some of my best friends), or planning a group trip -- like the local mall!Clubs? A serious given. If you’re stumped with which to join (so many choices, I know), try one that pertains to your major first! It’s a great way to maybe get some tutoring with that math homework or even testing each other for the upcoming midterm! If you feel like studying with others is so not your thing, just remember that these peers are GREAT for networking in the future job world. Make sure to hit them up on LinkedIn, too!On Campus Student Activities? On every campus, big or small, there are a great group of students who decide something like yeah, I love Beyoncé, let’s get Beyoncé to perform!, and thus creates the coolest thing ever (Sheesh, I wonder how much that one would cost). You could even join the group to put in what musician you would like to see live, or where to go next. Skiing? New York, New York? Possibilities are endless. Also, this organization experience looks great on a resume!The great thing with college is that you don’t see the same people every day. There are probably over 1,000 ways to make friends on a college campus - leading to having a jam packed schedule (if you please), as well as friends whenever and wherever you turn the corner. If you find yourself friendless without a dinner pal, JOIN A CLUB. Get involved. The Wizard of Oz said so.

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May 12, 2014
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