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Jul 22, 2013
College Life

Starting this September, IUP will integrate a new web portal for students, faculty, and staff. MyIUP creates one place where students can find everything they need for school with one single log on. The goals of this new application are to encompass all information students need in one place and to foster more open communication between students, faculty, and organizations. With all of the benefits, it will surely be a great asset to the campus community. Here are some of the highlights that makes MyIUP a great source for students.First, the log in is really easy. All you need is your 4 letter computing username (the same 4 letters as your email address) and your password. Now you don't need to enter your banner id for URSA or log in multiple times to D2L, Moddle, or Imail. All of your information is captured from logging on to MyIUP and you just click the link to on the home page and the application will open ready for you to get working.The portal also has links to many sections of the IUP website that are useful to students. With MyIUP, you no longer need to post on every class facebook page to find out where you can park for free on the weekends or the schedule for Zink pool. Everything is organized into categories and sub categories, and all you have to do is click the link and you are directed right to the page of the IUP website. MyIUP is more detailed than URSA, and finding information is a breeze. I was browsing around clicking on links and I finally found the map for student parking I was unable to find before.One of my favorite features of MyIUP is the personalized announcements. When you log on, there is an announcement section of the homepage that gives personalized messages based on the user's class year, major, minor, and organizations. I like the increased communication between academic departments and the students. Also included in the announcements are messages from The Beak, the student email newsletter.Right now, MyIUP is up for testing, and will be integrated into student life in September. The portal makes finding information really easy, which is extremely useful with the busy life of a college student. Also the connections to social media help the university keep in touch with students in the 21st century. I am really excited to see the full effects of this new application when classes start again in the fall.

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