The clock is ticking.  In just over a month you will be settling in to what will be your new home for the next few years.  Your first year moving into college can be a daunting experience.  With so many things to take care of before the pending move-in date, the best thing for an incoming freshman to be is prepared.  This means that once you receive your room and roommate assignments, you should utilize almost everyday leading up to move-in day to make sure you are organized and ready.  To help you get ready for that important day, we made a list of the five most essential must-do’s before freshman move-in day.

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Book Travel Arrangements

It doesn’t matter how near or far your college may be, you are going to need lock down a way to get there.  Schedule your transportation for move in day a few weeks ahead of time to make sure you aren’t scrounging around for a last-minute ride.  If you are flying or taking the train and shipping your belongs, be sure to book months ahead of time to get the best deal.  If hotel reservations need to be made, be sure to, also, acquire them well ahead of time to avoid no-vacancy and high spiked prices.

Play it Safe: Pack Early and Thoroughly

Packing for college should be an ongoing process, beginning a couple months before and completed a couple days before your move in date.  Waiting until the week before to pack heightens the risk of forgetting invaluable items, having supplies run out at stores, over packing unnecessary items, and, overall, creating a disorganized first step into college life.  Create a master check list that is broken up into categories (i.e. bedding, appliances, bathroom necessities, and school supplies) to have a clear blueprint of what you need to bring. From there, you can work off of the list and check off items you as you pack them into boxes for the big move-in day. If you want to travel light, shop for your twin XL dorm bedding and other essentials from OCM and have it delivered on move in day.

Know About Your Move in Date

Once you receive your assignment package, identify your arrival date, check-in time and location.  Make sure you are fully up-to-date with what you have to do and where and when you have to do it.  Move in day can be somewhat chaotic, so understanding the protocol will make it a smoother process.  It is also beneficial to know where the parking garages or lots are in the vicinity just incase you need to leave a car stationed for a few hours.


Get to Know Your Roommate

Whether you requested to live with someone you know or are randomly paired up with someone new, this is an exciting time for the two of you.  First, you should try to find out about your new roommates interests, pet-peeves, bad habits, and living expectations.  Since you will be sharing a small space with each other, it is important to lay all the cards on the table so that you can create a comfortable living environment.  Once you receive your room assignment, exchange emails with each other and even link up on social media to get a feel for their personality.  Once a channel for communication is established, you can than start coordinating what each person will be responsible for bringing.  Showing up with two refrigerators or no microwave can be easily avoided if you both are on the same page about which essentials each person is going to bring. Also, if you’re not used to living in close quarters with people, check out our tips for living with a roommate!

Tie up Loose Ends

The last thing you want is to leave your family, friends, and personal undertakings in a tizzy.  In order for you to properly begin this exciting new chapter of your life, you should try your best to make sure you are comfortable with the status of what you are leaving behind.  This means making sure financial obligations are fulfilled, proper good-byes are given, and usual stomping-grounds are visited.  Before long, you will be back again to visit, but this time as a mature college student.Photos: 1,2

Jul 15, 2014
College Life

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