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Jun 18, 2014
College Life

Our Campus Market wants to help one student offset the cost of a quality education through a sweepstakes to award TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS towards their tuition balance! Want to alleviate some loans for this upcoming school year really easily? This is the way to do it! Enter Our Campus Market's $10,000 Tuition Sweepstakes! Wanna know how you can enter to win? There are two ways to enter the contest: 1. Enter through Facebook on Our Campus Market's page, or 2. make a purchase from the Residence Hall Linens catalog (online, by phone, or through mail). Each transaction is one entry, and each person is limited to 10 entries total. The contest runs from April 5th, 2014- August 15th, 2014.

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Why wait any longer? $10,000 is waiting! Don't forget to share the contest with your family and friends to give them a chance to win as well.

You must be a legal US Citizen, and have valid proof that you are currently enrolled in an accredited university and are planning on attending for the Fall 2014 semester to be eligible. Check out the Official Rules here:

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