Storage that you can put aside is essential for staying organized in space that is shared between two people. Keeping your room tidy can become a slight hassle due to the amount of clothes thrown around just to find something suitable to wear to class.Under Bed Garment BagsWhen time comes to clean up, under bed storage bags are quite convenient. These storage bags have multiple spaces to store off season clothing, and the mesh cover is useful to protect garments from dander and moisture. The bags are easily accessible with handles attached, and can be stacked on top of each other if needed.

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Under Bed Shoe bags  Rather than having your closet inundated with shoes, ranging from sandals to boots. Neatly store away shoes that are not being used with under bed shoe storage bags that fit up to 12 pairs of shoes. This storage takes advantage of the room underneath your bed while also being an inexpensive solution for those with limited space.

shoe storage

Hanging Shelf Organizers  With six shelves included, a hanging closet organizer is essential when it comes to dorm storage. The extra space is great for sweaters and t-shirts you might want to stash away, and the hanger attached makes it simple to put up in any closet space.

hanging shelf

Over the Door Rack A place to stow your bath towel/robe may not be something you will think of until it is needed, and placing your towel over your closet door probably isn't a great choice. Attach an over the door towel rack to create space for necessary bathroom items.

towel rack

Wire CubesNeed more room to put away books and school supplies? Wire cubes are very practical for college dorm space, and can discreetly fit underneath or next to desk furniture.

wire cubes
Oct 2, 2014
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