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Aug 14, 2015
Care Packages

Dropping off a child at their new college for the first time can leave you with a bunch of mixed emotions. They are on their own with a whole new world full of challenges and excitement ahead of them--it can be a bit daunting for both of you. When a few words of advice and good luck won't do, here are a few gift ideas that will have them set for the beginning of the new semester and ultimately, their new life.

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1.   A Good Luck Charm Jewelry or Accessory

A longstanding tradition for many families is to gift a meaningful piece of jewelry or accessory. This may include a pearl necklace, a watch, or a tie clip. Try to incorporate today's trends by choosing a casual look with accessories. Look for something fun, like a necklace with a four-leaf clover, a bracelet with a fortune cookie charm, or even cuff links with their favorite symbol.

2.   New Backpack

Parents that are more practical can give their student the gift that keeps on giving: a new backpack. Book bags can look fashionable, while serving as a functional piece for the semester. Pick one that is more mature than their high school version and be sure it comes with compartments for their laptop and large textbooks.

3.   Portfolio and Pen

If your student is ready to take on interviews for internships or is enrolling in professional courses this semester, a monogramed portfolio and pen are classic choices. It’s giving them the next step up from a notebook and click pens. Enhance their collection to a luxurious leather bound portfolio and heavy weighted pen.

4.   School Spirit Gear

All students, no matter their grade, love to get new school spirit gear to proudly display. Outfit them with their new lucky jersey or a pre-test cup of coffee in a school color mug. If they enjoy vintage goods, hit the thrift shops for old pendants or class rings for them to display.

5.   Care Package

A great item to pack away without them knowing is a small care package for the first few days of school. Most likely, they will feel overwhelmed by the new classes or stress of meeting new friends. Ease them into the transition with gift cards to new restaurants, letters from family members, and some favorite treats from home.

6.   Empty Photo Album + Camera

An empty photo album may seem sad, but in reality, it’s a great way to encourage them to fill it with their new memories. Make it a tradition by giving them a new one each year or semester to document their adventures and accomplishments.

7.   Plane Ticket Home

For those traveling longer distance, the idea of not seeing home for a long period can be especially intimidating. Surprise them by having a plane ticket ready for a holiday break! It will give your student and yourself something to look forward to.Gifting a college student a good luck charm or token can be a fun way to start the semester. For those going off to college for the first time or those leaving home, add extra meaning with a gift that not only says “good luck,” but also “we believe in you.”Will you be sending a gift off to your student for their new semester? How do you plan on staying in contact and showing your love? Let us know!

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