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Feb 19, 2020
College Life

Every good dorm room has to have as many pillows as possible.

Pillows Every College Student Needs For Their Next Dorm Room

Other than the pillows beings used to sleep on, there has to be pillows for decoration to complete the room. There are endless options when it comes to pillow possibilities for college students. Ranging from body, accent, floor, and even mindfulness to help with studying pillows. Below are some creative ways to incorporate all different kinds of pillows in your dorm room!

Accent Pillows

Your accent pillows may or may not end up on the floor, but they are still a great way to add color and texture to your dorm decor

Accent or throw pillows are pillows that usually sit on a bed when it is made to add more decoration to it. They are small, do not weigh much and can have fun sayings on them. Three must-need accent pillows for your college dorm room are the headboard pillow, backrest pillow, and throw pillows with sayings on them.

Headboard Pillow

Looking for a way to transform your dorm bed into something a little more luxe? A headboard pillow makes your bed the perfect place to take a cozy nap, review class notes, or just relax. Image courtesy OCM

College dorms provide many things -- usually a basic bed, a desk, and the chance to get to know people who may become friends for life. One things that dorms don’t tend to provide is stylish or cozy room decor. While all of the pillows on this list go a long way towards making your dorm room feel a little more like home, the headboard pillow may have the biggest impact in your tiny space.

The headboard pillow works perfectly in dorms due to the fact that most dorm beds do not provide a headboard. Headboard pillows come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and firmnesses, which means there’s a style out there to suit every college student. Whether you’re using it to study, to snuggle up and watch Netflix under a cozy blanket after a long day of class, or for getting comfy while hanging out with your roommates, there’s a headboard pillow out there for everyone.

This 100% cotton pillow comes in colors such as gray and white. This item works great for when watching television, studying, or just talking with a roommate as it can just be put between a person's head and the wall. 

Backrest Pillow

Similar to a headboard pillow but providing a little extra support, a backrest pillow is another great way to make your dorm room cozy while still adding a bit of personal flair to your decor. Image courtesy of Walmart.

Late night study sessions are the worst. Picture yourself bent over your standard issue dorm room desk into the wee hours of the morning. Sure, cramming for your next exam is without causing early onset back pain?! Thankfully, there is.

The backrest pillow is great for studying and cramming work into all one night because it allows you to read, study, or work on projects from anywhere you want. Studying in bed becomes perfectly do-able. The floor of your friend’s dorm room? The lounge or kitchenette on your floor? They all become perfecty cozy places to get work done when you invest in a backrest pillow.

It is supportive of the back and neck all while providing maximum comfort with its cotton and polyester materials. When not being used for studying or homework, this dorm pillow looks great when on sitting on a made bed.

Your dorm decor should show off your personality. What better way to show people who you are than to let your pillows say it? Image courtesy of Quotable Life.

Pillows With Words

Dorm pillows that have words or phrases on them really allow students to express their personality better. They can easily fit in with decor and are just good to have in general. Some examples of pillows with sayings/words on them are: “but first, coffee” with a coffee mug, “wanderlust, and “if you love, let me sleep.” 

College stress got you down? Maybe you’ve been hit by one of those notorious college bugs during cold and flu season? Regardless of why you need to relax, a body pillow has got your back. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Body Pillows

Comfort for the whole body!

If you struggle with sleep, then a body pillow is just what you need! A body pillow is a mattress long pillow that molds naturally into the shape of the body when being used. It also supports back and other upper body muscles. Two pressure points that benefit the most from a body pillow are knees and elbows. 

Both genders are able to use a body pillow as well since it forms with the body no matter what. To sleep all night for once and feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, body pillows can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and online at Amazon. 

Beautifully patterned floor cushion for a dorm room.Image courtesy of Amazon.

Floor Cushions

Who needs chairs when you can use pillows for dorm room seating?

Since the dorm room can be small and tight, having chairs and couches fit can be challenging. Thankfully, there are comfortable pillows that also serve as floor cushions. They come in many vibrant colors and different shapes. Circular floor cushions seem to be the most functional shape for a dorm room, but square shaped also works too. These can be used for studying, watching television, and is great for having guests over! 

Since this item will be out in the open and takes up a large portion of space, the color and/or patterns of the floor cushion should be bright and bold, but also match other decor in the room. Some common colors are blue, pink, and red. Patterns like peacock designs also look great in a room. Floor cushions work well in any area of the room due to their shape and size.

Pillow wedges may not look like your typical pillow, but they can add a lot to your comfort when living in a dorm. Image courtesy of Amazon

Pillow Wedge

A pillow that also benefits your health!

A less common pillow that some people may be unaware exists is a pillow wedge. A pillow wedge is used for sleeping and it is somewhat of a foam texture. This triangular shaped pillow is supposed to incline a person during sleep all still letting them be semi-upright while being placed in the middle of back. People who suffer from back pain benefit greatly from a pillow wedge. 

Another way to use this is propping up legs on it. For example, after a long day of walking from class, prop the pillow wedge underneath your knees and knick back and relax for the night. 

Microbead Pillows

These cozy pillows are hypoallergenic, and they may even be a bit nostalgic for 90s and 00s kids. Image courtesy of Deluxe Comfort

Pillows that provide comfort for people with allergies.

If you were born in the 90s or 00s, I probably don’t even need to tell you what these are. These quirky pillows were all the rage a decade and a half ago, but there are plenty of reasons to bring the microbead pillow trend back into vogue.

For anyone unfamiliar with them microbead pillows are similar to throw pillows, but they are made out of a different fabric and shaped slightly differently. These work great for those who suffer from allergies that have a hard time sleeping at night due to the microbeads.

They are similar to throw pillows in the sense that they can be for decoration and easily fall anywhere on the bed. Their shape differs as microbead pillows are shaped more like a cylinder. 

For your next dorm room, do not forget about these pillows!  Whether they are beneficial for your health or make the dorm a little brighter, these pillows are a must need!  

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