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Oct 1, 2019
College Life

As one of the most important periods in your life, going off to college will be a challenging transition into adulthood that can affect your future. During this time, you’ll have an opportunity to acquire some healthy and constructive life habits, expand your knowledge and gain valuable experiences. From having more personal independence to socialising with diverse people, your college years will be truly enriching. And you’ll encounter more than a few life lessons even before your freshman year.

Self-exploration and self-assessment

When choosing a college, you should keep in mind that, to some extent, you’re choosing your future. This is a major life decision that shouldn’t be made hastily. You’ll need to explore your options and think about where do you see yourself in the future. Of course, you can never know what the future holds for you, but knowing your interests and setting some personal goals will get you on the right track. Thus, the first life lesson that college teaches you is that you should possess a level of self-awareness. You should know your strengths and weaknesses, assess your knowledge and skills and get to know your interests. This will enable you to make the right decision when it comes to college selection and increase your chances of success.

Pre-college preparation

Once you’ve chosen a college, you can focus on preparing for your entrance exam. The sooner you start, the better because you’ll have enough time to prepare, cover the subject in depth and relieve a lot of pressure. Not only will this help you get into the desired college, but it will also provide you with a solid basis for your future studies. Depending on your field of interest, there’s a lot of courses you can take to prepare for the entrance exam. For example, if you want to study the English language and literature, you can take a College English Placement Test and cover areas such as reading comprehension or writing skills. On the other hand, if you want to enroll in medical school, you should prepare and study thoroughly for the comprehensive GAMSAT questions because this is one of the most difficult fields of study. If you’re interested in math, you can take ACCUPLACER College Level Math Test. Starting your studies with solid prior knowledge in the field will greatly facilitate your transition into college.

Starting with a bang

Once your college year starts, you may feel completely overwhelmed by all of your assignments and responsibilities. You’ll find yourself torn between completing your duties and exploring all the excitements of the student life. What you shouldn’t do is neglect your obligations in order to party or immerse yourself completely in your studies without giving yourself a break. Finding the right balance now can really help you both during your studies and later on in life when you’ll need to balance your work and personal life. Even if you spend more of your time studying at first, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun later. If you don’t let your assignments pile up and you start studying early on, preparing for your exams will be a lot easier. In addition, you’ll make a great first impression on your teachers, which can really go a long way.

Independent life

For the first time in your life, you’ll be moving away from your home and have more independence. Whether you’ll share an apartment with a roommate or live in a college dorm, you’ll need to learn to take care of yourself. From doing laundry, cooking and cleaning to sharing a room or a flat with a complete stranger, you’ll come across numerous challenges. In addition, with your family at home and your friends studying somewhere else, you may experience homesickness and loneliness. All of this can be quite overwhelming and stressful, so you’ll need to find a way to deal with it. Apart from learning some basic life skills while you’re still at home, you should find a constructive way to relieve stress. In addition, acquiring effective stress-management techniques now can really help you in the future. Don’t hesitate to call your friends and family when you miss them, but make sure not to become socially withdrawn. You’ll have an opportunity to join student organizations where you’ll meet diverse people with shared interests, attend different events and find great volunteering opportunities. Not only will this make your college years more exciting, but it can also help you improve your career prospects.

Going off to college will be one of the greatest changes in your life. However, by preparing for your entrance exam as soon as possible, learning to balance your studies and your personal life and acquiring proper stress-management techniques, this transitional period will pass without any major challenges.

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