‘Tis the season for barbecues, hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. But without access to a real grill, cooking your summer favorites while living on campus can be quite the challenge. Luckily, there are ways to get around not having charcoal and a porch by utilizing what you have in a shared kitchen. Here’s how you can grill up a feast with just a little effort and creativity.

4 Meals You Can Grill On Campus

1. Mediterranean Kabobs

Need a quick, simple, and healthy grill meal? Lamb (or any other meat) kabobs are so easy to make, you’ll be kabob-ing just about any combo you can think of!


● 2-4 wooden skewers

● 1 lb. lamb, chopped in chunks

● 1 red onion, cut in large circles

● Handful of cherry tomatoes

● Full mushrooms

● 1 tsp. minced garlic

● ½ cup olive oil


● Use wooden skewers to place lamb, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms

● In a small bowl, mix olive oil and minced garlic.

● Turn on stove to medium and wait till warm. Pour mixture into pan.

● Place skewers on an oiled, flat surface pan and grill for 5-10 minutes on each side until lamb turns gray and onions are slightly translucent.


2. Basic Ribs

Ribs? Really? Yes, you can make tasty, tender, sweet ribs in your dorm building kitchen as long as you have access to an oven and some tinfoil.


● 3-4 lbs. ribs (serves 2-3 people)

● ½ package of dry rub mix

● ½ cup of bbq sauce


● Preheat oven to 325°F.

● Use the dry rub mix to cover the ribs generously (use the whole package if you like lots of flavor).

● Place ribs in a baking pan and cover in foil. Cook for 2-3 hours.

● Remove, flip ribs over, and cover in bbq sauce. Cook for another ½ - 1 hour.


3. Chicken Wings

Who needs a restaurant when you can make your own chicken wings in 10-20 minutes! Plus it gives you an opportunity to find your new favorite BBQ sauce.


● 1-2 lbs. of chicken wings, skinless

● ¼ cup of milk● 1 cup of flour

● 2 tbsp. of cooking oil

● Salt and pepper to taste● BBQ sauce


1. In a medium sized bowl, soak chicken wings with milk. Shake out excess and then put to the side.

2. In a ziplock bag, add flour, salt, and pepper. Place wet chicken in a few pieces at a time and then shake until they are covered. Shake again to remove extra flour.

3. In a larger, heated pan, add oil and then chicken one by one. Grill chicken on each side for about 3-5 minutes until cooked through. The “skin” should be pale but flakey.

4. While in the pan, add bbq sauce and stir to cover. Add flour if the sauce is too thin or doesn’t stick, add extra flour into the sauce.


4. Crispy Corn on the Cob

Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian, corn on the cob is standard grill food. But you can recreate it with just a pot of water and a heated grill.


● 3 ears of corn, husk removed and clean (if you have a smaller pot, cut ears in half)

● 1 tbsp. of sugar

● Butter and salt to taste


1. Fill the largest pot you have ¾ of the way with water, cover, and boil. Add corn and sugar to water and recover.

2. Corn will rise to the top when done, but cook a few extra minutes if you like your corn a little more tender. Dry off with a paper towel.

3. On a heated pan with butter or oil, place corn and allow to cook for about a minute on each side.

4. Add salt and butter before eating.

Jul 5, 2016
College Life

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