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Oct 8, 2014
Dorm Decor

Embellishing your dorm room with favorite prints and patterns is a gratifying process that many enjoy. It is a time to showcase your DIY skills and revamp an austere room to a creative pad that suits both you and your roommate’s spirits. Check out some tips below on how to choose décor that matches your style.Wall ArtDisplaying your interests through posters and wall decal is a great way to allow others to learn facts about you, and be subtle at the same time. Hang posters of your favorite band, sports team or University City print to add inspiration to your walls. If you are partly interested in changing up the entire look of your walls, check to see if you can add removable wallpaper in your favorite print. If you want to add more artwork, try to create melted crayon canvases to bring about a neat decoration.

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crayon canvas

Rugs A dorm space without comfortable rugs isn’t quite complete. Add bold color and texture to your room with a scatter rug that is sure to keep your feet warm after a shower, or just after getting out of bed.PillowsA variety of pillows added to your bed will bring you solace, and the various colors will make your room pop with decoration. Not to mention the different textures may have you wanting to ditch those notes and catch a few minutes of sleep.

dorm pillows

Lounge ChairsIf space permits, accessorizing your dorm with one or two lounge chairs could be a great idea. Now there is decorative seating for guests and another comfortable area to read books or use your computer.PhotosCreate a clothesline photo hanger to display pictures of you and those you love, or tack up photos to a bulletin board and use Washi tape to outline borders to add pattern another place in your room.

photo line display

Message Boards/CalendarsBe sure to stay organized with calendars, and places to write down reminders. If you would rather create your own memo board, transform a cookie sheet into a decorative magnetic board by attaching scrap board paper, and setting magnets on the back end.

magnetic board

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