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Jan 2, 2020
College Life

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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

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  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Self Care for the New Year: Tools and Tips Every College Student Should Know

College is a lot of things: educational, full of new experiences, character building, and too much more to say. But what we forget to mention a lot of the time is what a big transition it is. It’s all about a young adult finding their independence. Part of that independence means self care, which many young adults weren’t too concerned about before. In order to find success, college students need to have the right tools and habits of self care. But where to start? 

This article covers:

  • Tools every college student needs for self care
  • Tips on how to self care for college students
box icon

Self Care Products Every College Student Should Have

While self care doesn’t mean having things, having a few products never hurts. Sometimes we need a few products to help us on the journey of self care, so scroll through the list below and deliberate what self care products you may need. Everyone has different needs, and you may need to try a few products, brands, and techniques to see what works for you. 

navy blanket icon

Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket over you feels like one big hug, and what college student could go without that? When you’re stressed or perhaps feeling a bit homesick, you may benefit from a weighted blanket and its effect of weighted therapy. This type of therapy is known for increasing levels of serotonin and melatonin while you sleep, which means it can help insomnia, falling asleep, and staying asleep throughout the night. Sleep is a big part of self care, and if you need help with it, try getting that good sleep with a weighted blanket.

sleep mask icon

Eye Sleep Mask

Because sleep is such an important aspect of self care, I’ll give you another product to give you long, uninterrupted sleep each night. Eye masks are great for relaxing your eyes and giving you a consistent amount of darkness each night. Get an eye mask that is comfortable and soft. The best kind of eye bask also has breathability, and relaxing (not claustrophobic!) vibes. Eye masks are capable of treating insomnia, migraines, dry eyes, and more. 

pillow icon

Meditation Pillow

Mediation can help you self-reflect and get over that mountain of stress. If you have a difficult time getting into meditation because you can’t find the right position that is both comfortable and focused, get a meditation pillow. A meditation pillow relieves stress on your joints and spine and helps you relax and reflect. You can also use this pillow as a yoga block for difficult poses.

pink heart icon

Literature About and For Self Care

There are a lot of books out there that you can purchase now that can be guides on your journey to self care. Search for self care literature in your local library or bookstore and educate yourself on how to start and maintain self care for yourself. You may also find journals that guide you in self reflection, another vital part of self care. Books with questions that you need to answer on the lines provided below. Or get a journal with no pre written questions. Write about your day, and ask your own questions that you need to find answers to. Writing and reading and techniques of self care everyone can use.

purple crystal icon

Chakra Crystals

If you’re interested in aligning your chakras, try using chakra crystals. The gems interact with your body’s energy and chakras, and have the ability to improve your physical and emotional state. You can place them on different parts of your body or around your room. 

oil drop icon

Oil Diffuser and Oil

If you don’t feel relaxed in your dorm room, try using an oil diffuser. Choose from a number of scents such as lavender and mint. Aromatherapy diffusers have a myriad of benefits. They can level your mood, balance your body’s hormones, and humidify rooms. And that doesn’t even cover the self care benefits it has. It can relieve stress, increase memory, boost energy levels, improve healing capabilities, alleviate headaches, enhance your immune system, It’s also a sleep aid and can has an antidepressant capacity. So really the question is, why don’t you have an oil diffuser? 

bottles of oil diffusers
Besides all the benefits of an oil diffuser, the best part about it is all fragrances to choose from! Convert a smelly dorm room into a relaxing bedroom smelling like lemon. 
bolt icon

Teas for Calming and Energy

Teas are not only delicious but have self care capabilities. Different teas have different effects. Calming teas have ingredients that allows you to sip your way to a relaxed end of the day. On the other hand, you can get energy teas filled with caffeine and antioxidants. This might be just the right way to get your busy college days started. 

sage icon


Sage is not meant for the dorm, but if you’re an apartment living college student, you my want to bring your relaxation game to a whole new level with sage burning. This has been proven to have calming vibrations that reduce stress. Burning sage will cleanse the air of negative energy and make college burdens a bit more bearable. 

light bulb icon

Tips on How College Students Can Practice Self Care

College students are always going to be prone to copious amounts of stress. Therefore every college student needs to know a few techniques on how to take a breather and find the time to collect oneself again before diving back into work. Here are a few tips on how to practice self care.

sleep icon


Perhaps the most important way you can take care of yourself is with sleep. You need about 6 to 8 hours of it every night, so give yourself as much as you can. Sleep is naturally healing, and college students simply aren’t getting enough of it. 

woman sleeping
If you get enough sleep you might start feeling human again. But seriously, go get some sleep.
heart on plate icon

Healthy Eating

What you eat will always matter. It’s time to take control of your diet and incorporate enough fruits, vegetables, and protein. Eat breakfast every morning, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, and take multivitamins. Avoid fried foods and candy when you can. 

walking icon


If you need a way to relieve stress, try exercise. Get fit in any and every way you can. Visit the gym every week, walk on campus, and join a sport. As a college student you have unlimited opportunity to getting active. Do yoga, bike, hike, run. The choices are limitless. Do what you can.

black mug icon

Take Breaks

Taking a break is just as important as getting the work done. When studying or writing that essay, take regular breaks to refresh your brain and improve your focus. Plan ahead so you don’t have to cram too much work into one day. 

journal icon

Journal and Other Forms of Self Expression

What’s going on inside your head? Sometimes maybe even you don’t know. Self care is more than physical health. It’s improving emotional health as well. Get a journal and write to explore your mental well being. Discover where your state of mind is at. 

meditation icon

Meditate and Relax

Take a deep breath. Are you tense even now? College is a stressful time, and it’s important to take the time out of each day to slow down and relax. Many accomplish this through meditation. Find a quiet space and practice your breathing. Find a YouTube video that guides you in meditation. You can also find ways to relax in reading, watching TV, and listening to music. Do whatever it takes to get you to loosen up each night after a day full of classes.  

target icon

Set Realistic Goals

Set short and long term goals for yourself. But make sure they’re attainable, or you’ll only stress yourself out more. Having goals is a motivator and can give anyone a sense of purpose. And isn’t exactly what college is about, finding your sense of purpose? And when you accomplish your goal, go out and celebrate! If you need some extra help figuring out your priorities and understanding them, try a goal setting worksheet to keep your thoughts organized.

handshake icon

Support from Relationships

When the goings get tough and independence isn’t cutting it, everyone at that point needs the support of their relationships. Reach out to friends and family. But relationships aren’t just for when you’re under stress. Establish and maintain relationships with your classmates and professors. Join organizations and clubs and find like minded others you can converse with. Relationships go a long way in improving your mental health, so don’t allow school work to get in the way of you having a social life.

group of friends walking down a city block
Make as many meaningful relationships as you can during your time at college. They’re a support system that has the potential to last the rest of your life!

College is a new and exciting world, so don’t ruin it for yourself by failing to take care of yourself. Find your healthy balance of social and alone time. Get the things you need to relax and calm down. Build lifelong habits of self care now that will make you seem like the sanest college student out there. Self care is for everyone, especially for the sleep deprived, malnutritioned and stressed young adults we know as college students.

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