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Nov 3, 2017
College Life

It’s registration season, and we can feel the excitement all around campus! Everyone’s meeting with their advisors, laying out schedules, coordinating classes with friends, and preparing for the Spring semester. But registering for and picking your classes for the spring semester is a kind of art. It takes a lot of clever work to make sure you get into the courses that are best for you. Here’s seven tips on how to do it right.

1. Know Your Registration Date

You probably received it in an official email -- it’s the date and time in which you’re first allowed to login and register for your classes. It’s probably the most important date on your calendar, so be sure to read over those details until they’re engrained in your mind. Then, set reminders on your phone so you know to be up and at a computer. For those at large schools with lots of competition for classes, this is an absolute must-do.

2. Double and Triple Check Your Academic Requirements

If you’re nearing graduation, there is no worse mistake you can make than by mistakenly registering for the wrong class or forgetting a requirement for your major. Read through your documents, pull up your transcripts, and plan out the remaining classes (as well as the times those classes were offered in the past semesters) so you can be sure the schedule you have now will get you to the finish line.

3. Schedule an Advisor Visit EARLY

Some schools require you to meet with an academic advisor before registering. In others, it’s only suggested. Either way, your academic or major advisor is your go-to stop before registering. Even if you’re not nearing graduation, being sure you’re on track to get everything done on time is essential. These pros can give you the reassurance you need.

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4. Plan Your Gaps Wisely

Wouldn’t it be nice to only go to class two days out of the week? We promise you it can be done if you know how to schedule correctly. Writing out your potential spring schedule on paper can help you see how you can minimize your class days and maximize your days off.

5. Consider Morning vs. Evening

If you have options, consider the timing of your classes. Some of us are fine with 8 AM lectures. Others would rather get up at four in the afternoon and stay up until two getting work done. Plan your spring semester around when you function at your peak. With more night classes offered to undergraduates, this is now easier than ever.

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6. Research the Professor

Before you hit submit on your class shopping cart, you need to know who is teaching that course. A bad professor can ruin an entire semester. An overly easy professor might mean you won’t be challenged or learn anything new. Reading course reviews online or asking friends who’ve taken the class before is one of the first things you should do when considering your schedule.

7. Avoid the Overload Trap

We all want to breeze through college so we can get to the “real world.” But moving too fast, too soon is a tempting trap that no one should fall into. Overloading on classes or challenging courses can backfire and send you back further than when you started. Make sure your classes are a great mix of easy passes, challenging themes, and necessary major work so you won’t be bored or overworked come spring semester.There you have it, our top seven tips when registering for classes next semester! We hope this helps you find the perfect balanced schedule and getting every class that you want!

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