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Mar 17, 2015

For more than a hundred years, Irish Americans have brought along their own traditions and customs to share and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This yearly event has become a great excuse to spend time with friends, enjoy the warming weather, and immerse yourself in the Irish heritage. If you plan on celebrating with a party, here are great ideas to make your St. Patrick’s Day shindig a success.

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1.   Don’t Forget the Gold

When people think of St. Patrick’s Day colors, they think, green, green, and more green! But what about the other colors associated with St. Patrick’s Day? In truth, nothing stands out more at parties than a touch of sparkling or shimmering gold. Toss gold touches in your invites, party favors, and even baking. Edible gold sprinkles or dust looks striking on party treats, and the metallic shade can look expensive on decorative items, like pillows, without costing a fortune.

2.   Costumes and Green-Offs

Lovers of the lucky day will get a kick out of being invited to a “green-off” party where each guest is encouraged to come up with the greenest outfit possible. Think about covering clothing in fake ivy, wrapping your body in a green twin XL sheet or using body paint to cover the skin in an emerald shade. Other costumes could be accepted as well, such as leprechauns or Irish storybook characters. Reward the winner with a special Irish treat or even a golden trophy.

3.   Blessings in an Envelope

Are you planning on inviting guests with a paper invite or thinking of sending friends some cards? Mail them an invite or a party bag full of Irish blessings. These inspirational and powerful phrases range from the simple, “May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more.” to the classical and well-known “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back…” Placed on green, gold, and white parchment paper, these blessings make a perfect party favor and room decor piece for the recipient all year round.

4.   Treasure Hunts at the End of a Rainbow

Those leprechauns invading your party may be mischievous, but they are also pretty careless in where they leave their gold. Put your guests up to the challenge by having them go on a scavenger hunt in search for a pot of gold. Send them to fun places where leprechauns are likely to hide, such as an Irish pub or hidden in a kitchen.

5.   The Missing Clover

If an all-out search is not in the cards, have your guests go on a lucky hunt right in the comforts of your party space. Bake desserts like cupcakes and cookies that each have clovers baked inside. Whomever finds the missing four leaf clover walks away the winner of the night.


Luck doesn't have to be on your side to throw a great St. Patrick’s Day party. By incorporating the fun, childlike elements and giving your guests lots of engaging and exciting activities, your event can be both fun and charming. Those not on the guest list will be green with envy!Images 1, 2, 3

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