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Jun 5, 2020
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In college, most students find that their favorite go-to outfit is a pair of sweatpants and a free T-shirt. While this outfit is great for an 8 AM lecture, sometimes it's nice to dress up or accessorize. That’s why this article is all about cute stackable bracelets that dress up your outfits and don’t break the bank. 

These bracelets look perfect with everything from ripped jeans to pajama pants. So if you feel like your closet needs an upgrade, save yourself the money and start by purchasing some bracelets. Sometimes all you need is the perfect accessories to make your clothes look like new outfits. 

First, we will introduce OCM’s best bracelets. OCM offers the popular Pura Vida Bracelets. Your purchase keeps job security for artisans around the world. Surplus profits received by Pura Vida have been donated to several different charities. These beautiful bracelets are so simple yet promote a bigger message. 

DIY Bracelets

If you prefer more of a customized style we will also recommend some of the best bracelets offered on Etsy. Purchasing from Etsy also helps to promote small businesses around the United States. With that being said, whatever bracelet you decide to purchase will be supporting a great small business. Any of these gorgeous bracelets could be used to dress up your favorite outfits, or a perfect gift for a special someone in your life. 


Pura Vida Bracelets

Simple yet Beautiful 

Pura Vida Bracelets have become very popular over the last few years. While OCM offers a few different types of Pura Vida Bracelets, we will look at the simplest ones first. All bracelets are wax-coated, waterproof, adjustable, and have an iron-coated copper “P” Charm. 

Some of the most popular simpler ones are the Good Vibes Bracelet, Life in Color Bracelet, and Deep Blue Sea Bracelet. These are priced at $6 and the most basic Pura Vida Bracelets. In addition to the three bracelets I mentioned, the website has a few more to offer. The next simplest bracelets are the braided ones.

There are two types of braided bracelets. The first is a Mini Braided Bracelet offered in both white and black. These are priced at $10. If you’re looking for something a little heavier, there is also the Flat Braided Bracelet priced at $20. This gives off more of a cuff style look and is only offered in a salmon color.  

Stackable Pura Vida Bracelet. Coral Reefin design is priced at $6. Image courtesy of OCM.


Pura Vida Charm Bracelets

Simple yet Charming

If you enjoy something simple but “charming”, these are perfect for you. These bracelets are Pura Vida so they are promised to be wax-coated, waterproof, adjustable, and have an iron-coated copper “P” Charm just like the simpler ones. The only difference is that these have an additional charm. 

Since these bracelets have a charm, they are a little more expensive than the simpler ones. Some bracelets have a charm that hangs off of the wax-coated string. Examples of those would be the Sand Dollar or the Peace Sign offered in black and rust. Those bracelets are priced at $10. If you are looking for a charm that is built-in, those are priced at $15. Some of the popular ones include the Rose Gold Wave Charm Bracelet, Gem Mountain Charm Bracelet, or the Silver Sierra Charm Bracelet.

There is a beautiful in-between bracelet that is priced at $12. It isn't too simple but it also isn't charmed. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy - check out the  Malibu Gold Blue Bracelet. To view more of the Pura Vida bracelets offered head to the OCM website to find the perfect one for you. 

Pura Vida Gold Wave Bracelet priced at $15. Image courtesy of OCM.


T. Jazelle Charm Bracelet

The Ultimate Good Luck Charm 

If Pura Vida Bracelets don’t necessarily fit your style and you're willing to spend a little more money - OCM offers one more type of stackable bracelet. If you enjoy thick beaded bracelets these will be perfect for you. However, these are more expensive than the Pura Vida because these are beaded. 

When deciding what bracelet you want, you can choose between Amethyst, Arctic Apatite, Grey Agate, Turquoise Jasper, or White Pearl beads. Whichever bead you choose has a unique meaning. For example, amethyst is a calming stone, so if you are someone who is often stressed or anxious that might be a good choice. Prices for these bracelets range around $52.

Some popular bracelets include the Infinite Love Charm Bracelet, Lucky Elephant Charm Bracelet, and the Wave Charm Bracelet. Although these bracelets are more expensive they are absolutely beautiful and hold powerful meanings. Because of the family and daughter charm bracelets offered, these make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, or birthdays. 

Wish Charm Bracelet symbolizing celebration and joy. This is the white pearl it is offered in the other beads too. Image courtesy of OCM. 


Personalized Custom Beaded Bracelet 

Stacked, Personalized, and Cute 

If you are looking for something a little more personalized, Etsy is a good place to look. These custom beaded bracelets are offered in four different colors and six different bead sizes. Shipping for these is always free. 

These beaded bracelets are thicker than the Pura Vida’s but thinner than the T. Jazelle’s. They are priced at $26 regardless of color, size, and what personalization you like to add. These bracelets are handmade products from the Etsy shop Simply Hooked Jewelry. If you have a question concerning a bracelet you would like made you can reach out to Erin, the shop owner.  

Here is a comment from Anna Flynn who left a five-star review, “Perfect quality and so far very durable! I love these”. Definitely make sure to check out the bracelets and more reviews. 

Personalized stackable bracelets priced at $26. Image courtesy of Simply Hooked Jewelry. 

Three Gemstone Stretch Bracelet 

Timeless Stacked Gemstone Bracelets

The 3 Gemstone Bracelet Stack is another product of Simply Hooked Jewelry. This is offered in six different sizes. When purchasing this, you can choose between buying one of the bracelets or all three. 

The three bracelets included are the Pink Zebra Jasper for $15, Gray and Gold for $13, and the Rose and Jasper for $13. If you choose to buy all three, it is $30 total. Therefore, if you like two of the bracelets, you might as well buy all three since it is a money saver. These are also products of Simply Hooked Jewelry, so reach out to Erin for any questions.

This item ships for free in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about these bracelets, check out the listing to see the meaning of each Jasper gemstone. 

All three stackable bracelets for purchase at $30. Image courtesy of Simply Hooked Jewelry. 

Personalized Mantra Cuff Bracelet

Stack your favorite mantras 

Every bracelet recommended so far has been adjustable or stretchable. If you prefer a sturdier bracelet considering checking out these. They are personalizable and offered in different types of metal. 

When purchasing this bracelet you can choose between silver, gold, rose gold, or black. They are all stainless steel so no need to worry about them tarnishing. Because these bracelets are personalized, you must also decide if you want your bracelet to be engraved on the inside, outside, or both. Pricing for both sides is $28.95, where one side is $22.95. Messages engraved must be 60 characters or less When personalizing, you can also pick the font you want. They offer basic, rainbow, calligraphy, or playful. 

These bracelets are from the Brielle Belle Etsy Shop. If you have questions concerning the metal or personalization reach out to the shop owner, Brittney.   

Four personalized mantra cuff bracelets are the four different fonts offered. Image courtesy of Brielle Belle.

Crystal Stacking Bracelets 

Stack your favorite Powerful Crystals

We have looked at the wax-coated string, charm, gemstone, and metal bracelets you can purchase, but we haven't discussed crystals! Crystals are believed to bring everything from prosperity to protection. So if you are looking for a good luck charm or something to help spark more creativity in your life considering purchasing one or more of these crystal bracelets.

There are 18 different crystals to choose from when purchasing. All are priced at $8.95. Crystal bracelets are products of the Etsy store, Brooke LeAnne Art. For questions concerning the store or bracelets, you can contact the shop owner, Brooke on Etsy. Since these are stackable and you may be ordering more than one if you spend over $35 shipping is free. 

Here is one of the many five stars reviews, “I would've taken a pic but it would've done no justice as to which bracelet is some very pretty dark color, almost black.. but in the light it is a glittery color! Absolutely beautiful! I am one satisfied customer! Thank you so much!”. 

10 of the 18 different crystal bracelets offered. Image courtesy of Brooke LeAnne Art.

We hope at least one of these seven recommendations fits your style. All of these bracelets can be stacked to dress up your favorite outfit. Whether you’re trying to look a little more presentable for class or going on a job interview, consider purchasing one of these good luck charms. Although we can’t promise you'll ace your next exam, we are sure your new accessories will receive plenty of compliments.

In addition to purchasing these bracelets, whether you choose OCM or an Etsy shop, you will be supporting small businesses. Your purchase helps keep handmade artisans employed. So whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, check out these sites to see what fits your style and wallet best. 

If you have purchased any of these beautiful bracelets make sure to leave a review and photo. We love seeing how you choose to accessorize your favorite outfits! 

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