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Jan 17, 2014
College Life

Going to college means you're quite possibly in a new state that has different weather patterns than the one you are used to living in. And, as many of you have noticed, this winter has been a bear! Literally, the sometimes sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow blanketing the US has had schools closed for some and inches upon inches of snow for others. Let's not forget the freezing rain and ice. So, if you haven't learned to 'brave the storm' so to speak yet, here's a few ways to get used to the chill of winter. (Unless, of course, you live in Melbourne, Australia and are being rained down on with bats too hot to fly.. yuck).

(read all about it, here).

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1) Watch Your Step: Snow may LOOK light and fluffy, but there's a few times when it's more slippery than usual. When it first starts to snow, the ground is powdered with a light dusting of the icy precipitation, making your footing extra slippery. If you have to walk to class in the snow, wear shoes with good traction like boots. Of course, snow and ice always leads to an icy experience, but the day after it snows is always a concern. At this point, the snow has had a chance to blanket your beautiful campus, and also has had a chance to ice up and create icy layers. Be careful for shiny patches on the walkway, and make sure you go for salted and paved areas.

2) Bundle Up: I don't really have to tell you this because the second you walk out of your residence hall you'll be hit with the arctic blast of winter chill. BUT just to heed caution to the wind (no pun intended), here's a few ways to keep those feetsies warm. First off, there isn't any shame in double layering your socks. If your feet get cold easily and you hate the feeling of cold air on your ankles, put on some long socks and an extra pair over those. No one's going to judge you if you want to mismatch your favorite KB neon colored socks under those snow boots. Go for it.The next step? Long Johns, of course. Don't have any? Throw on a pair of leggings under your jeans or sweatpants. They really are the most multi-functional piece of your wardrobe. After you've got your socks and leggings on, put on a long sleeved shirt under one of your favorite hoodies or thick sweaters. This season chunky cable knit sweaters are super in, and really trendy too. Pair it with a nice thick infinity scarf, your favorite big coat, a slouchy hat and your snow boots and you're set to go! Don't forget those gloves, either. You're not going to want to be the only one with freezing hands when that snowball fight breaks out.

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3) Staying Healthy: It's pretty common that with cold weather comes colds and sickness. Everyone around you will also be fighting the cold and some of them might even pick up a case of the flu or sniffles. In any environment where there's common space shared such as a library, elevator, gym, classrooms or even your residence hall common room, there's opportunity to spread germs. In order to stay healthy and avoid spreading your germs to others you need to be proactive in your preparation techniques. This includes things like carrying tissues around to stop your sniffles, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer/wipes, taking cold or flu preventative methods such as Emergen-C or Zicam and getting lots of sleep! Eating all of the right nutrients and staying hydrated is also important in keeping your immune system strong.There are tons of other ways to fight the cold weather and strengthen your relationship with the one thing we all used to love when we were younger: snow days! These are just a few ideas to get you up and motivated to trek through your snow covered campus. Have any other ideas? Share them with us!

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