Preparing for sorority recruitment can be a stressful and nerve-racking process, but actual recruitment doesn't have to be! Recruitment can be a fun and exciting time if you don't let your negative emotions take over. Here are a few sorority recruitment tips to help get you through your experience and make the most of rush...

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Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in

It's noticeable when a girl is fidgeting with the hem of her dress or wobbling in her heels. If you feel good, it will show! Don't feel pressured to wear something that you normally wouldn't just to impress.Realize you're not the only one who is nervous Some girls that you meet will radiate confidence, but most girls are nervous on the inside, because it is just as important to them that you like their house as it is to you that they want you in it.

Take detailed notes

Your leaders will likely advise you of this before you start, but boy did I ignore their advice. Depending on the number of houses at your school, it can be hard to remember every conversation you have at every house. Writing down fun, brunette, silly will not help you remember your conversation three days later as much as you thought it would. In order to make your final decision easier, take this tip seriously! Details, details, details.

Be cheery and excited even if that's not how you feel

There's no doubt about it. The days are long, and by the last house you visit, you are going to be tired of talking. Unfortunately, sometimes your favorites are last, and that means that you still want to show your game face.

Be unique and take initiative

Girls ask potential new members the same questions, so make yourself stand out! Don't be afraid to give a detailed answer or share a story. Talk for a few minutes and be yourself. She'll be happy not to have to force the conversation with you.

Don't be afraid to ask questions either!

It is a welcomed break.

Stay optimistic

Houses that you like may drop you. It happens ALL THE TIME - more often than you would even think. But on that note...

Your first instincts may be wrong

The house that you think you are in love with, may not be what you're making it out to be in your mind. If you give other houses a chance, you may come to realize that your first instincts were wrong. The sorority you thought you loved and that dropped you wasn't actually the best fit for you.At the end of the day, just breathe and be yourself. This process can lead to great things and a whole lot of memories. You want it to be an amazing experience! Have more questions about sorority recruitment/ college life? Tweet me @aliinbloom, and I'll answer them next time!

Jun 19, 2015
College Life

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