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Mar 11, 2015
Dorm Decor

Right on the cusp of spring, the shamrocks come out, and there’s a little lilt in the air: it’s St. Patrick’s Day again! From intricate designs to fun, goofy traditions, March 17th truly has something for everyone. If your spring revolves around the festivities, transform your dorm room from bland to Irish fabulous with St. Patrick’s theme ideas.

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1.   Green, Green, Green

Green has long been associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but have you ever wondered how that came to be? According to ancient folklore, wearing green on St. Paddy’s Day makes you invisible to  mischievous leprechauns, allowing you to sneak up on them to take their gold. Of course, that’s only legend (isn't it?).Take the holiday as an opportunity and break out your favorite green dorm bedding. Look for kilt-like fabrics (a staple in Irish traditional wear) in green plaids. Invest in green linens, rugs, or window treatments. Add a bit of green to your walls with green paper lanterns or emerald colored string lighting.The best part? The color green is perfect not just for the holiday, but to also soothe your mood. Green is relaxing, centering and evokes the feeling of nature. Pair green with whites and yellows for extra happy vibes. A cute combo idea would be to use a green vase with yellow daffodils or a green comforter set with white accent pillows.

2.   Irish Symbols


The Irish take great pride is preserving a vast majority of their language and culture. In an age where writing was scarce, Celtic symbols and signs give historians a glimpse as to what society was like during the Iron Age.Today, Celtic symbols are extremely popular with decorating. Celtic knots and spirals, which largely symbolize eternal life, can be found in area drug designs and in wall art. There’s also the famous Claddagh ring: two hands holding a crowned heart, which symbolizes friendship, loyalty and love. Plus, let’s not forget the shamrock, a symbol used by St. Patrick himself to explain the Christian Trinity to the Celtic pagans in the Fifth Century.Making your own DIY Irish symbols, particularly the intricate Celtic icons, takes time and patience. But the results are worth it. These pieces can not only bring out your heritage but also bring a sense of peace, tranquility and family pride to your dorm room. One of our favorite DIY Celtic art projects is knot lanyard. This large strand of connecting knots can be used as a way to decorate a side of a bed, strung up along a wall, or hung from a window.

3.   Pots of Gold


Glittering gold is not reserved for a leprechaun's pot hidden at the end of a rainbow. Gold is actually a trendy accent color appropriate for decorating dorm rooms. It works with just about every main color (including green), and it pops against a bland and boring room.Some DIY project ideas for golden room decor include spray painting picture frames using glitter gold paint; creating a hanging gold garland out of art paper; or painting a 3D wooden or cardboard letter in bronze gold paint. Gold inspired desk organizers are also big this year. Pencil and pen holders, laptop cases, drawer organizers, or even mirrors can add a pop to a typically boring workspace.No luck of the Irish needed to decorate your dorm room for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. With a touch of green and a bit of golden luck, you can transform your dorm space any Irishman (or woman) would be proud to reside in.Images 1, 2, 3, 4

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