When you go off to college, it's almost like you get a chance to start brand new. Whatever you didn't like about yourself or your relationships at home could be easily fixed and changed without anyone second guessing you. If you noticed that when you went away to school you met friends who were completely different than your friends at home, there's no need to try and hide them from one another.When you go home for summer break, it's important to spend time with your friends from home, but also stay connected to your friends from school. Each group of friends loves you the same, but maybe the type of activities you do or the music you like to listen to will vary from group to group. Don't view this as a predicament, view this as you being lucky to have such a wide spectrum of personalities as friends!When you get home, make sure you connect with all of your friends that you grew up with and went to high school with. Tell them all about your life at school, and definitely ask them how they've been and how their college experiences have been, too. As excited as you may be to talk for hours about your new friends at college and how fun and different they are, try to remember that your friends from home haven't seen you in a long time and they're looking to reach that level of friendship you left off at. They'll want to hear all about your other friends, but don't forget to pay attention to them as well.For your friends from college, make sure you're not forgetting to stay connected. Things get busy when you're away from campus for the summer; you get a job, they get a job, you're back with your friends planning trips, family vacations, so on and so forth. A quick text or call here or there will keep your friendship fresh and active so that you keep the bond you made while at school. When the time is right and you've discussed it a little with your friends, invite your college friends to come visit for a weekend. This will give your new friends and friends from a home a chance to meet and hang out. If it doesn't go as well as you'd like, don't get discouraged. That just means you have to spend your time effectively scheduling out activities with each group. You never know, your friends from home and friends from school could end up hitting it off famously and you'll have a large group to plan activities with!Image:asunews.asu.edu

Apr 25, 2013
College Life

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