This month's Student Spotlight focuses on a student/ local business owner in Northern Kentucky who wanted to share his love for canines through taking care of them and making them look their best. Read on to find out more about Taylor Landrum and his dog grooming business – Fur Sure Dog Care, LLC.

Taylor first came up with the idea for his business idea while taking care of his Sheltie, Rudy. He first met Rudy while stationed with the US Air Force in Omaha, NE. "I was nearing the end of my enlistment, and I wanted to get a dog that I could train and bring home with me to be my sidekick in this new life." he says. Just a short time later, thanks to his experience with Rudy and other dogs his friends and family owned, he soon realized there was a need in the market, and Fur Sure was born.The main unique selling point of Fur Sure is its focus on comfort for the dog and their owner. He offers grooming and walking services, all done in-house, so that both the owner and the pup feel most comfortable. "For most people, dogs become your children," Landrum says. Noting that they teach responsibility, he also states that the work put into maintaining a dog's well-being is a reflection on the owner more so than that of the dog's themselves. "Your dog reflects your efforts, and when they're happy, so are you."

Taylor & Rudy

Fur Sure takes care of many types of dogs. These include small breeds like mini Doberman pinschers and Maltipoos, to bigger dogs who are still pups at heart, like playful Labradors, all of which are showcased to celebrate the many new friends he's made thank to his services. From simple nail trims and brushing, to packages that include both grooming and walking, he offers a change from most grooming salons, where dogs are unaware of their surroundings and aren't familiar with the people around them. This formula has proven to be a winning solution to a pain point for many pet owners.In addition to making his clients feel their best, Landrum's services continue to be lauded thanks to his deep care for dogs. Many owners commend him on his ability to engage with their dogs, giving them equal parts attention and affection in the effort to reassure that he's there to make them feel their absolute best.Of course, the challenges of having one's own business are evident, especially considering the overall workload. Landrum is a full-time student of entrepreneurship at Northern Kentucky University, holds a part-time job at a local hospital, and operates Fur Sure. Even with his demanding schedule, he makes sure to take time to decompress from the pressures of donning many hats. "The biggest challenge of starting my business was learning how to balance my life." He continues, "The best way for me to do so was to take it one day at a time."By keeping his priorities in order and in check, as well as staying organized with his trusty mobile calendar, Taylor makes sure to find free time to unwind and relax. In his spare time, he enjoys experimenting with wing sauce recipes, and cheers on the Bengals football team and the Louisville Cardinals basketball team. In Rudy's spare time, he loves to run in big open areas, and is a huge fan of the canine classic "Fetch".

Taylor & Rudy #2

After he's finished with his studies, Taylor is interested in consulting for startups and mid-level companies, as well as general business consulting to identify and improve operations for firms. He attributes his way of thinking differently to his studies at NKU along with his work with Fur Sure."Most programs teach you how to follow a process, [while] entrepreneurship teaches you how to create a process. It is a different way of thinking, and once you start thinking like an entrepreneur there is no way to turn it off."Although Taylor wants to keep the business local for the time being, he's open to expansion outside of the Northern Kentucky area, an area that takes pride in local businesses and always has something fun happening.Logo Source: Fur Sure Dog Care

Apr 22, 2016
Student Spotlight

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