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Jul 8, 2013
College Life

Happy July, bloggers!Can you believe that another month has passed? The summer is flying by! Have you started your shopping yet? Have you finished? No worries! You still have a month and a half left until school starts! While you are waiting, I have decided to give you a new D.I.Y. to try out.This D.I.Y. is perfect for any room. No matter how small or how large your room is you could always use a bedside lamp to either put on your desk or on your bedside table. This craft will help you to jazz up that ordinary lamp into one that represents your personality and matches your room! It is easy-to-do and takes little to no time at all. As with the rest of the D.I.Y. crafts, this crafted lamp would make a beautiful gift for any friend or family member.The materials that you will need:

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  1. A lampshade (from a light that you plan to use at college). The lampshade can be any color. Perhaps you could choose the main color in your room to add to the overall feel. The lampshade will be the canvas for the entire project. Make sure to use an older or cheaper lampshade in case you mess up.
  2. Hot glue gun. This material will allow you to attach various pieces onto your lampshade. I would definitely recommend using this type of glue because it dries into a clear color. This is great for any mistakes that you may make.
  3. Decoration pieces. Like the pillow craft back in my D.I.Y. #4 post, this could be pretty much anything. You could use 3-D scrapbook stick-ons, rope, charms, tassels, etc. You could also create extra-long friendship-style bracelets to wrap around the bottom of the lampshade. The possibilities are endless, so be creative!
  4. Pen. This material is optional. It is great if you want to plan out where your materials will go on your lampshade beforehand.

You are ready to begin!

  1. Before doing anything, heat up your hot glue gun.
  2. Next, use your pen to draw small dots on the lampshade where you would like your pieces to go. Again, this step is optional.
  3. Take your hot glue gun and place a small amount of glue onto your first piece. Then, gently place the piece onto the lampshade and hold until the piece is firmly attached to the canvas. Repeat the process until you have your desired look!
  4. Allow the lampshade to dry for 4-6 hours before placing it back onto the lamp stand.

In no time at all, you will have another creative piece to put into your dorm room! Do not forget that these lampshades make a perfect gift as well!I hope that you enjoyed the sixth installment of the D.I.Y. mini-series!Do you have any D.I.Y. crafts that you would like to share? We would love to hear them! Tweet them at us!

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