Hello again!Now that you only have five or six weeks until your school year begins, it is time to start thinking about school supplies if you not already done so. I touched on this topic back in my "Summer Before College Series 2: The Preliminary List" blog. Today, I want to elaborate on the binder versus notebook section of that episode. After a talk with my mom about her college habits last semester, I decided to ditch the notebook idea and just go with binders as she had done. I absolutely loved just using binders. I did not even miss the notebooks at all!Below, I have created a list for why I firmly believe that binders are better than notebooks. As with all of my blogs, this is my opinion based on my personal experiences at the University of Pittsburgh.I like the binders because they allow you to:

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  1. Save space! If you either stick to one or two binders for all of your classes, then you will save plenty of desk space. Instead of having five or six notebooks and five or six folders, you will only have one or two binders! This will not only save precious desk space, but backpack space as well!
  2. Forget forgetfulness! By keeping your subjects together, you are ensuring that you will never forget any homework or other materials for class! (Here is a tip to make this easier: use dividers to section off a homework tab.)
  3. Organize your life! Binders allow you to keep your class materials much more organized. Buy dividers of two different sizes. Use the bigger ones to separate your different classes and then use the smaller ones to separate notes, homework, and tests within the class sections. For extra organization use colored separators. Use a different color for each class!
  4. Avoid shopping next year! The great thing about binders is that they are sturdy and reusable. You can reuse your binders from semester to semester. This will save you the hassle next year! All you will have to do is take out the notes, homework, and tests from each class and replace them with new paper!
  5. Save money! For the reasons listed above in number four, you will save money! By reusing the binder semester after semester, you are able to save money that you could, in turn, use to pay for your tuition!

The list above describes the five reasons why I prefer binders over notebooks. Again, it is easy to use either one, but my money-saving experiences have led me to the binder!Have you done your supply shopping yet? Which do you prefer?

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Jul 23, 2013
College Life

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