Good morning, fellow bloggers and students!Today, I want to address a common fear that most incoming freshmen have: using a communal restroom. For those of you who do not already know, communal bathrooms are public restrooms in school dormitories that are usually shared by an entire floor of students. There are multiple showers, bathroom stalls, sinks, and mirrors. Now, this probably seems extremely scary, sharing something so private with strangers, but I am here to give you a few tips to make this huge process much easier!If you are anything like me, then you will agree that public restrooms are absolutely the worst things out there. If you follow these tips, however, you will be able to use the communal restroom at school with confidence and with no problems at all!To make your experience easier and less stressful, remember:

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  1. That everyone is in the same boat as you. You are not alone! This is every freshman's first time in college, dealing with daily stresses. From experience, talking to other girls/boys on your floor will help make things less awkward and scary in the communal bathroom. You will soon realize that others feel the same way that you do!
  2. That everyone on your floor has a different schedule. Every freshman student on your floor has a different class, sleep, work, homework, and club schedule. You will most likely have the restroom to yourself most days. For example, I can count on one hand the number of times that the communal bathroom I used my freshman year was crowded. I usually only had one person in the restroom with me at a time.
  3. To create a schedule. If you still find it difficult to use a communal bathroom after remembering the first two tips above, then create a schedule of the least busy times during the day. After a week or two of living with your floor mates, you will know exactly when you will have the most privacy. Create a schedule of these times and follow it to ensure that you feel comfortable while at school.
  4. To utilize your RA if needed. Remember that your RA is there to help you to make the adjustment from living at home to living in a dormitory. The biggest adjustment, perhaps, is sharing a restroom with complete strangers. Your RA has been through the same experience and will definitely be able to give you some words of advice.
  5. To bring your shower caddy with you every time you use the communal restroom. Make sure that you fill your caddy with all of the things necessary to get ready in the morning or at night. Then, bring the caddy with you when you are ready to get primped for the day/night. That way you are sure to have everything that you need and can avoid leaving anything in your room, causing you to have to make a trip back and spend more time in the restroom than you intended to.

Well, there you have it-the five tips for making the transition of living at home to living in a dorm easier, particularly in the restroom.Have any other tips? Share them with us!

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Jul 25, 2013
College Life

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