It’s still up in the air as to whether the freshman fifteen is actually a “thing”. I’ve decided it’s just a rash generalization, and although it does happen to some, it doesn’t happen to all (or even the majority). But how can you make sure that you’re not one of the victims of the freshman fifteen while being at the mercy of the dining hall cooks?

Keep healthy snacks in your dorm - It’s easier to resist those calorie-loaded snacks in the food court if you know that as long as you hold off for a little while longer, you can have a similar low-calorie option in your room later if the craving still persists.

Everything in proportion - Keep in mind that it’s okay to splurge on that soft serve ice cream machine every once in a while. Just remember that you don’t have to fill the bowl to the brim- maybe put it in a cup instead. This rule holds not only for dessert but the main course as well. Decide how full you will fill your plate and what portion of it should be carbs, veggies, protein, etc.

Make it quick - In order to keep your portions down, don’t turn dinner into social hour… or two or three. Lingering in the food court can cause you to go back for seconds even when you’re not necessarily hungry. Instead, leave when you finish eating and socialize elsewhere!

Fruits and veggies - Unless they’re dowsed in oil and butter, it’s pretty hard to mess up vegetables… and the same goes for fruit unless they’re coated in sugar. Keep your plate bright and colorful with fruit and veggies. If you’re worried about how they may have been prepared, keep them fresh and head to the salad bar.

Create a routine and/or plan ahead - Creating a routine is a great way to ensure that you are eating right. It also makes things easy – you won’t have to worry about your nutrition everyday if you are eating the same foods/ types of food. Sometimes the food court doesn’t offer the same items though. In this case, check the menu online (if it’s offered). This way you can go straight for the healthy option you picked out ahead of time and not get side tracked.How have you combated the Freshman 15? Is it a source of concern for you? Let us know!

Aug 14, 2015
College Life

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