Top Chef is your favorite TV show. You’ve got a bucket list of restaurants you want to visit. Your book collection is more like a cookbook collection. You are a proud foodie! But how does being a lover of all things tasty translate to a college major? These are the best majors for foodies, some traditional and some not, that will help you find a great way to blend a future career with your delicious passion.


Let’s get the easy one out of the way first. Attending culinary school is the easiest way to graduate with the skills you need to work in the kitchen. Specialize in a particular type of food or food art, and you’ll be more marketable.

Food Science

Food scientists are the ones who create the food from start to finish. Like chefs, they come up with new ideas, taste test, quality control and recreate. They work with food manufacturers and producers, but it’s an engineering degree at heart.


At the micro level is biotechnology in food sciences. This major is perfect for the engineer or chemist who loves to play with their dishes. You’ll study what makes food, well, food and how our bodies process it at a molecular level.


While you may not be making food, you’ll be helping others consume food differently. Nutritionists and dietitians work with hospitals or in private practices helping clients and patients choose meals for their special diets or weight loss.

Art or Design

Bakers, in particular, could benefit from an art or design degree where you’ll pick up drawing and creating skills that could translate to beautiful (food) works. The better you are at designing, the more client you’re likely to attract.


Food photography is a skill that’s picking up! You’ll work with business, publications, independent writers, journalists, restaurants, etc. on creating gorgeous images of recipes in action or food for sale. A photography major will show you how to get the best lighting or color combos.


Critics and travel writers all get started somewhere, and it’s often with a degree in Journalism or English. Having strong writing skills and a portfolio to show your range can improve your chances in this competitive field.

Food Business/Services

At your college cafeteria is probably someone who majored in Food Business. It’s a growing major that teaches you how to manage restaurants, cafeterias, and craft services. You’ll learn how to supervise staff, create long-term or seasonal menus, and market your business to prospective clients.


If your passion is growing it from the ground, agriculture is the best major for you. You can use this major to go into organic farming or put it to a purpose by teaching others how to make sustainable food sources in urban or developing areas.

As you can see, foodies have so many college major options to build their skills and find a successful career. By thinking out of the box and customizing your degree to your passion, you can cook up a foodie profession you can be proud to call your own.

Mar 16, 2017
College Life

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