If you haven’t realized it’s October yet, you’re certainly in for a surprise.  With October comes colder fall weather, those dreaded midterms, and the highlight of your fall semester – Halloween.You may not have been too keen on this holiday back home, but trust us – you’ll be all about it now.  Halloween on campus is one of those craziest nights of the year, a night where you’ll be able to get dressed up and go have a good time with all of your friends in a ridiculous costume without fear of judgment.But if you’re on a budget or limited in supplies, what are you supposed to wear?  Don’t even worry – you can easily make plenty of Halloween costumes in the comfort of your own dorm room. Here are our four favorite options.‍


‍If you’re a little challenged in the costume-making department or in a pinch, making a toga is probably the easiest thing that you can do.  Grab an extra flat bed sheet from your backup supply (or get a cheap one from a Target or Wal-Mart nearby) and you’re totally set.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a weird color or a pattern – it’s Halloween, after all.You can easily wrap yourself up in all sorts of ways with a sheet to make any kind of toga you can think of.  If you want to take it up a notch, add a tie around your waist or some kind of leaf crown.EASINESS RATING: 1/10


ITReally pressed for time and want a costume that you can wear without feeling over-the-top?  Enter the bandit.  Grab a trusty striped shirt, a pair of black pants, and a cheap black mask or makeup and – BAM.  Costume.If you’re going as a group, you can always coordinate and have one person be a cop or multiple bandits.  This could make for super fun shenanigans throughout the night, depending on where you end up.EASINESS RATING: 2/10


‍Obsessed with social media?  We totally get it.  One of our favorite last-minute costumes involves you, a cardboard box, and some sharpies or paint.  BOOM – you have the recipe for the perfect Instagram selfie costume.All you need to do is cut out a large square shape from the box with space in the middle for your head.  Color it in with sharpies or paint to look like an IG post (make sure to add plenty of likes and comments).  If you want to get others involved, leave space for the comments add bring a sharpie around with you; ask people to comment on your “look.”EASINESS RATING: 5/10


‍If you’re on the hunt for an easy group costume and are willing to get a little creative with your props, the cliché rock band may just be up your alley.  Grab a few friends, find your favorite beat up band shirt, and let your bedhead settle in for a few days.If you want to really take it to a new level, round up some cardboard and sharpies and get a little wild with creating “instruments” for you to carry throughout the night.  Bonus if you practice a “set” ahead of time, just in case the occasion calls for it.EASINESS RATING: 6/10

May 20, 2017

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