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May 19, 2020
Dorm Decor

A bed without pillows is like a morning without coffee: it just shouldn’t happen! Whether it’s a stylish accent pillow or a super plush sleeping pillow, a great pillow can take your bed to the next level! The perfect sleeping pillow can take a poor night of sleep and make it restful and dreamy. And if you’re looking to upgrade your bed’s style, then consider investing in some accent pillows, which can bring a nice pop of color and fun to your bed. A headboard can additionally maximize both your bed’s comfort and style by complementing stylish bedding and offering a nice bit of support for some reading or TV watching.

If you’re not feeling like your bed is a haven for rest and relaxation, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of some of the comfiest pillows to make that snooze button just a little more tempting in the morning. However you are trying to upgrade your bed, we have you covered with a great selection of sleeping pillows, accent pillows, and headboards for you to check out.

Essential Sleeping Pillows for You to Rest Easy On

Super comfortable pillows that’ll have you sleeping like a baby.

A great sleeping pillow is an absolute must for dream-worthy slumbering. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

For the Side, Back, and/or Stomach Sleeper: Protect-A-Bed SNOW Nordic Pillow

This luxurious pillow comes in versions for whatever kind of sleeper you are, making the SNOW a perfect match for anyone looking to catch some better z’s. Image courtesy of OCM.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a hot pillow. No matter how many times you flip one, it only seems to get warmer and warmer, making for a sad sleeping experience. But with the Protect-A-Bed SNOW Nordic Pillow, you’ll be able to sleep cooly and comfortably thanks to its Nordic Chill cooling fabric, which squanders body heat ten times quicker than the standard cotton. The SNOW also comes in four different versions—designated for multi-position, side, stomach, and back sleepers—making sure you get a customized and extra comfortable night’s sleep.

Get the Protect-A-Bed SNOW Nordic Pillow at OCM for $89.95.

For the Environmentally Conscious Sleeper: EcoPure Pure Plus Simple Standard White Pillow and Pillow Protector

Simple and environmentally conscious, this pillow is a great option for anyone looking for the perfect mid-range pillow. Image courtesy of OCM.

A comfortable pillow that is also earth friendly, the EcoPure Simple Standard Pillow is a clean and no fuss pillow, perfect for your next night’s sleep. Composed of 100% cotton fabric and filled with the hypo-allergenic EcoPure™ dreamsoft recycled polyester—a plush, gel fiber made out of recycled plastic bottles—this pillow is a modern and eco-friendly take on the standard sleeping pillow. Each pillow comes with a matching pillow protector to keep your pillow clean and protected from dirt and dust mites.

Get the EcoPure Pure Plus Simple Standard White Pillow and Pillow Protector at OCM for $39.99.

Other Great Sleeping Pillows to Check Out

Stylish Accent Pillows to Make Your Bed Pop

Accent pillows add a bit of personality and fun to your bed.

A sequin pillow with, "I CAN," on its front.
Accent pillows are an easy and affordable way to add some extra character and comfort to any bed. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

For the Simple but Stylish Sleeper: Sadie Shibori Printed Pil

Featuring a chic shibori print, this pillow is a subtle choice that still makes a nice statement. Image courtesy of OCM.

Though its origins are from Japan, Shibori has made a big splash in the American design world, with the stylized print popping up from dorm rooms to living rooms. This accent pillow from OCM sports a unique pattern alongside a tough faux velvet ground. The pillow’s dark indigo color will pair nicely with many decors and color schemes, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a low-key but stunning statement on their bed.

Get the Sadie Shibori Printed Pillow at OCM for $29.95.

For the Avid Dreamer of the Beach: Wallace Gold Foil Printed Leaf Pillow

Add a pop of tropical fun with this beachy accent pillow. Image courtesy of OCM.

This fun and fresh throw pillow is the perfect way to bring a beachy feel to any dorm room, bedroom, or living room. The radiant greens are offset with a glimmering gold foil, making the design of this pillow really pop! For extra comfort, this printed pillow features a feather fill and a hidden zipper. (Say goodbye to uncomfortably hard parts that ruin your sleep!) If you want a sophisticated and fun print to spice up your bed, then this is a great pillow for you.

Get the Wallace Gold Foil Printed Leaf Pillow (available in Green or Blue) at OCM for $39.95.

For the Self-Proclaimed Queen of Sleep: Yas Kween Printed Pillow

Bold and fun, this pillow will add a cheeky pop of self-empowerment to your bed. Image courtesy of OCM.

This fun and empowering saying is the perfect pick me up to wake up any powerful queen (or Broad City fan) from a power nap. With a simple white and black print, this pillow will fit wonderfully into any queen’s decor, adding a boost of self-love to any bed. The polyester fill makes for a comfortable feel to keep your bed extra comfy and cozy.

Get the Yas Kween Printed Pillow on sale for 50% off at OCM for $14.95.

For the Coffee Lover: But First Coffee Decorative Pillow

A cup of coffee after a long night of sleep is a perfect combination. Bring your love of coffee to bed with this fun pillow. Image courtesy of OCM.

If you dream of coffee and need everyone to know about it, this pillow is for you. Your roommate will know that you are not to be messed with before your morning cup of joe, making this pillow both fun and functional. Made of faux linen and featuring a polyester fill, this pillow will add a pop of energy and quirkiness to any bed!

Get the But First Coffee Decorative Pillow on sale for 40% off at OCM for $14.95.

Other Awesome Accent Pillows to Up Your Bed’s Style

Cozy Headboards and Backrests for Both Style and Support

These headboards and backrests will add major flair to your bed.

A nicely made bed featuring a pillow with "HUSTLE" on its design.
A headboard makes a bed a statement piece to center your entire room around. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

For the Faux Fur Fanatic: Angora Faux Fur Backrest

Extravagantly soft and luxurious, this backrest makes the perfect companion to lounge against while you watch your favorite movie. Image courtesy of OCM.

Movie night will go absolutely off when your bed is equipped with the super fun and comfy backrest, featuring a shaggy faux fur in either gray or cream. This backrest is large enough to support any lounger, but it still is small enough to not completely crowd your bed when you’re trying to go to sleep. If you’re looking for support but also want to make your bed a little sleeker, this backrest will make an awesom new addition for your bed.

Get the Angora Faux Fur Backrest at OCM for $29.95.

For the Casual Sleeper and Studyer: Headboard Pillow

The perks of a headboard pillow are endless: it’s portable and easy to set up, while still providing great style and support to your bed. Image courtesy of OCM.

A headboard pillow offers the best of both worlds in terms of headboards and pillows: it is comfy and soft like a pillow, but supportive and stylish like a headboard. This option from OCM is ideal for dorm dwellers, many of whom don’t have the option to travel with a full-sized headboard to their campuses.

Get the Headboard Pillow (available in Gray or White) on sale for 30% off at OCM for $69.95.

For the Sophisticated Sleeper: Supersoft Dorm Bed Headboard

This super sleek headboard fits perfectly on a dorm-sized bed, instantly upgrading a bland decor. Image courtesy of OCM.

This dorm bed headboard is perfect for any college student looking to upgrade his or her bed to the next level. Featuring a super soft fabric and pleated design, this simple headboard will fit in excellently with any decor and provide a nice amount of support for your late night study sessions. 

Get the Supersoft Dorm Bed Headboard at OCM for $169.00.

Other Awesome Headboards and Backrests to Support Your Z’s

White pillows crowd a super fluffy white bed.
A pillow or headboard ups your bed’s game in an instant and will make you even more excited to unwind after a long day.

If you’re looking to make your bed the coziest it can possibly be, you have to invest in some great pillows and an awesome headboard! Make your dorm bed your dream bed with the help of OCM!

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