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Jun 3, 2013
College Life

There are a lot things that future college students believe that they absolutely must have for their dorm room that, in reality, are unnecessary. I still remember my mom and I running through Bed, Bath, and Beyond desperately looking for items that sat in my room for 9 months. After a year under my belt, I am able to distinguish the items that I used frequently from the ones that I never touched.

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Dorm Room DecorDorm Room Bedding

Do Buy:Clip-On Bedside Table-Most beds in freshmen dorms are either lofted or bunked. A clip-on bedside table is easily attached and can hold things like an alarm clock, phone, water bottle, book, whatever you like right next to you at night. It makes your life easier by not having to climb down from your bed every time you need to grab something.

Colored Sheets-While white sheets go with everything and are a very easy purchase, they also stain easily. I accidentally put my white sheets in the washer with my blue jeans and ended up with nicely tinted blue sheets the rest of the year. It is easier to buy blue, purple, or any colored sheets that will not turn a different color every time you wash them.

Small Vacuum-I ended up using my small vacuum several times a week. People are always coming in and out of your room and dirt and crumbs are constantly on your floor. Having a small vacuum that you can store easily will help keep your room tidy without taking up too much space.Lots of Picture Frames-It will be nice to have lots of pictures of friends and family around your room to remind you that home is not as far as you think. They can also be a great conversation starter with your roommate!

Do Not Buy:Drying Rack-While this sounds like a good idea now, it will only take up lots of space and be a hassle to you and your roommate. Clothes that do not go in the dryer can be easily hung in various places around your room.

Sewing Kit-Most eighteen year olds, including myself, do not know how to sew. If a situation arises where something needs to be sewed, it is very easy to run to a local store to buy a needle and thread. No need to buy an entire kit.

Candles-Most of these are not allowed in dorm rooms anyway, but some students think that they will make the room homier. While they do bring a nice scent, they can be a hassle to you and your roommate because they can be messy and can easily be forgotten to blow out. If you're looking for something to make your room smell nice, I would suggest an air freshener over candles.Good Luck with dorm room shopping!

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