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Mar 25, 2020
College Life

When you start college, it can suddenly feel as if living on a college campus is your home, but nothing ever compares to your real home. With coming home from college for breaks, or even just visiting your family and friends back at home, you could definitely start to miss college and the shenanigans that come with your new experiences there. We understand how you can be torn between the two, so we are here to help you!

We are here to give you the essential guide on how-to show school spirit in your room at home, so it never feels like you left college. Whether it’s wearing college gear, such as shirts, sweatshirts, or hats, or hanging a school tapestry up, you will come to your room at home and feel like you never left college. Here is the how-to guide to helping you show your school spirit for your room at home!

Buy College Gear to Wear Around the House

Probably the easiest form of showing school spirit because you can wear it!

We know how much you love your school, so we encourage you to buy more cute college gear for you to wear no matter where you are! At home, wearing college gear can make you feel like you never left campus and your room on campus. This is one of the easiest forms of showing school spirit, since you are wearing your school colors and logo on whatever article of clothing it is on.

College gear is great because it comes in many different forms. For example, you can buy shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, and many other articles of clothing with your college colors and logo on it to represent how much you love your school. Show off your school and how proud you are to attend it with wearing college gear, and brag to your friends and family about how great your school is.

Purchase a College Themed Tapestry to Show School Spirit

They are super easy to hang up to decorate your room and make you feel like you never left campus!

Tapestries are a great way to decorate any room and come in all kinds of different designs, patterns, and shapes. Purchasing tapestries with your school logo on it to hang up in your room is a great way of showing your school spirit even when you are at home. They are easy to hang up, using sticky tack, or even thumbtacks and can be placed in whatever way you like!

Tapestries are easy to hang up in your room and also show your school spirit at the same time. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Everybody loves tapestries because they give a sense of feeling at home. You might be home for break and may be missing your college friends, your dorm room, or just being in the presence of a college campus. Tapestries to hang up at home will make you feel like you’re still on campus and bring out the college vibe to your room, since tapestries are very popular, no matter what kind you get. 

Are You a Fan of Stickers? Buy Some College Themed Stickers!

They can be used to decorate all sorts of things in your room using them too!

Stickers are in, especially when it comes to your laptop. Your laptop is something that is with you all the time that you can easily decorate in your room with stickers, along with other objects in your room as well. Depending on the size sticker you get, you can easily buy one that is your college logo and decorate items such as mirrors, your laptop, your vinyl record player (if you have one), and any other objects you wish to snazzy up!

RedBubble is a great website to buy stickers of all kinds, and even college stickers! With all its own original artists to create anything you want, RedBubble artists can create stickers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and many other products to satisfy all of your college needs. Vinyl stickers are in and what RedBubble is known for, and they also have lots of cool college stickers of all sorts for whatever school you go to!

Get a Phone Case to Show How Much You Love Your School

It is easy to show off your school spirit with something you carry everywhere!

Phone cases are essential for the protection of your phone. Not only do they help to protect and cushion your phone from a bad fall, but they can also be a great way of customizing your phone and making it your own. Showing your school spirit by purchasing a phone case can be a great way to show your school spirit not only at home, but everywhere you go. 

phone chases
Phone cases are an easy and portable way to be able to show your school spirit on campus, at home, and just about anywhere. Image courtesy of Amazon

Purchasing a college themed phone case to represent your school spirit can be a great conversation starter as well when you are at home. Having a phone case with your school colors and logo on it can remind you of your home away from home and then be able to talk about your experiences at college. Phone cases are nice to have when carrying your phone around with you constantly, but having a college themed one, makes it even better.

Purchase College Themed Bedding For Your Bed at Home

It’s not only comfortable, but it’s a way to show your school spirit in style!

Picking out the right bedding is essential no matter if you are in your on campus dorm or apartment, or if you are at home. Bedding is an important part of your bedroom and making it school themed is a perfect way to show what school you go to, and it shows how much pride you have for going there. When you are at home, consider buying college themed bedding, so you’ll always be able to show your school spirit. 

Looking for the perfect college bedding? Whatever school you go to, you can find the perfect school themed bedding for your room at home. Image courtesy of Amazon

Mugs and Tumblers Are a Great Way to Show Off Your School

Enjoy your hot or cold beverages in your home, or on the go!

Everybody loves mugs and tumblers because they are able to use either at home, or on the go. The best way to show your school spirit is by investing your money in some nice, durable mugs for your home, and tumblers to use while at work, or just running errands. Mug and tumbler companies know how popular buying school merch is, so you can never have trouble finding your school and the right cup for you.

Mugs and tumblers can be purchased anywhere, in store, or online, and depending on what school you go to, or if you live around the area where you go to school, you will usually find no problem with finding a mug or tumbler to take home and rep your school spirit. Tumblers are great for keeping your drinks either hot or cold for a very long time as well. This is because most of them are made out of stainless steel, which is the material that helps to keep your favorite drinks hot or cold. Need a mug or tumbler for your home? Go out and buy a college themed one today!

Are You Always One For Being Cold? Buy a College Themed Throw Blanket!

It will keep you warm and show your school spirit at home!

Do you go to school where the seasons change and winters are cold? Well, consider buying a college themed throw blanket to easily fold at the end of your bed to give your room at home not only decoration, but school spirit as well! Throw blankets are lightweight, fleece blankets that are great to put at decoration at the end of your bed or on top of a couch, or chair that is easy to pull off to use when you are cold.

Almost every college has their own version of throw blankets to be able to sell to college students to be able to support the schools they go to. Buying a throw blanket is a simple way to not only show your spirit and how much you love the college you attend, but they are also perfect for keeping you warm whenever you need it.

We hope that these ideas were able to help you create and show off your school spirit for your school. Being proud of the school you attend and purchasing college themed products to spice up your room at your real home will remind you of your home back at college and the school spirit you have for it. Did we mention your favorite way to show off your school spirit? If not, let us know in the comments!

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