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Dec 9, 2015
College Life

There is nothing better than strolling a college campus in the winter. From dorm lights and trees kissed with a dusting of snow to cobblestone paths and old-school lamp posts guiding your way, winter gives you the chance to see campuses at their most silently beautiful. It’s no wonder these visions are filling you with those warm, cozy feelings inside.But not all winter campuses are created equal! Wondering which schools truly bring out that winter wonderland? Here are our top nine favorite college campuses for winter viewing. Each showcases the beauty of the season and the campus at its finest -- it’s the way college was supposed to be experienced!

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1.   University of Virginia

Sleds and toboggans are just a few of the winter-y sights you’ll see as soon as the first snow falls. But be sure to stick around for the Lighting of the Lawn, a beloved tradition that lights up the Rotunda and surrounding areas with over 12,000 lights!

2.   University of Colorado Boulder


While UV has its lights, Colorado has nature. With direct views of the Rocky Mountains, the campus shines come heavy snowfalls. Add the limestone and sandstone structures for a bit of color to round out the rugged effect.

3.   Sterling College


Sterling College, located in Craftsbury, Vermont, is already known as the place to study the outdoors. But come the winter, students don’t huddle indoors, they take to the cold for hands on learning with their barns, farmland, and even nature hikes out in the remote woods connected to campus.

4.   Harvard University


Harvard isn’t just a top university in the United States for academics; it also brings the eye appeal come wintertime. With the architecture in authentic, High Victorian Gothic style, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

5.   Northwestern University


Chicago winters are known to be anything but beautiful, but Northwestern makes the most out of it by lighting tree after tree along their lakefront campus. All season long, it adds a sparkle to student’s days and makes trekking around the mile-long campus from comfy dorm to night classes much more bearable!

6.   Vassar College


You may think of Vassar and the rest of Upper New York as good for only the changing leaves, but the small campus has much to offer students when temps drop. Vassar’s Gothic style and huge mixture of mature trees are great to get lost in during a winter walk.

7.   Yale University


Sure, Yale has great architecture and plenty of gorgeous pathways to oogle over, but it’s the art that keeps you coming back. With so many beautiful pieces to look at, you can’t miss the statues covered in a blanket of snow.

8.   Dartmouth College


Upon visiting, former President Dwight Eisenhower said, “This is what a college is supposed to look like.” He should have come back in the winter to see just how amazing it can be. Added bonus, Dartmouth’s annual snow and ice sculpture competition at its Winter Carnival makes the cold something to celebrate.

9.   Boston College


Boston College is what winter dreams are made of. The founders of that traditional college architecture every student thinks of, their buildings, especially Gasson Hall and bell tower, are more picturesque come winter when everything is covered in white and grays. The huge grounds give something for everyone, including expansive green spaces, brick pathways, and sculptures covered in snow.

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