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May 27, 2020
Dorm Decor

Red is a very versatile and vibrant color that can come in many shades. Anywhere from bright orangey reds to deep maroon, the variation of possibilities is endless. That is why red is the perfect color addition to any dorm room. It can be paired with all neutral colors or fit well into a color scheme -- especially with blue, teal, yellow, orange or even purple! 

Red can also be a great addition to your room because of what it symbolizes and its effect on the mind. Red is the color of passion, energy, courage, strength and love. These are necessary traits for college students -- because after all college is a choice and the classes require strong energy and determination. Most importantly, college is all about finding out who you are and what you are most passionate about!

Red can be used to stimulate, create energy, motivate, or draw attention to something. It also has some cool effects on the body -- it enhances the metabolism, increases respiration and even increases blood pressure!

Whether it’s one of your favorite colors or you want to include it for its meaning to promote a certain trait, rest assured, you will find a way to incorporate red perfectly into your dorm room!


Let’s start with some red bedding basics -- comforters and sheets.

Red Stripes and Plaids College Classic Twin XL Comforter

Your basic solid red twin xl comforter. Image courtesy of OCM.

Price: $39.95

A comforter is perhaps the most essential college item because you actually need to buy one, unless you prefer to sleep without a blanket. This comforter is as basic as it gets with a solid red color that you can build your whole dorm room color scheme and aesthetic from. Red works as a great centerpiece because of its vibrant, eye-catching quality! This comforter is made from brushed microfiber with warm polyester inside for added comfort. Pair it with white sheets and black accent pillows for a classic and elegant look!

Red Stripes and Plaids College Classic Twin XL Comforter

Red accent stripe comforter, perfect for guys! Image courtesy of OCM.   

Price: $39.95

Keeping girls and guys in mind -- because equality is the best policy -- this Tyler twin xl comforter is a great choice for guys! As we have said, red adds a great pop of color to any dorm room and works well with many other colors. See the photo above. This comforter works great for guys because of the simple stripe pattern that gives you three base colors to work with -- gray, black and red! So, that makes it super easy to choose other dorm room items that are either the same color or work well with these ones. This piece will help you in personalizing your room! 

3 Piece Twin XL Sheet Set in Burgundy

Price: $19.95

So, you’ve already picked out your favorite comforter and are in need of sheets. These basic solid red sheets make pairing them with your comforter easy! The solid color of these sheets will look great underneath a solid, neutral comforter or a bold, patterned one. Made from microfiber these cozy sheets will carry you to sleep whenever you need it -- whether it be 3 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning. The set includes three pieces -- one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and one pillowcase -- all made to fit a twin xl. 

Pillows and Throws

Add these items to increase the coziness of your room and make it feel like home!

Price: $29.99

Throw pillows make great additions to dorm rooms because they help transform dorms into a cozy space that makes you feel at home. This is extremely important because there is no worse feeling than being dissatisfied with your dorm room. It is likely the place where you will spend the most time, so making sure it is a cozy and positive space that makes you feel comfortable is necessary when adjusting to living life on campus. This Smile Sequin Script Faux Linen Pillow adds a nice positive and motivational touch to your room and will work great as a pop of color against a neutral comforter.

Price: $29.99

This throw pillow will also make a great addition to any dorm room because the pattern is simple and beautiful. Velvet is all the rage right now too! Solid colors work well if you already have a graphic piece picked out, that way this pillow isn’t competing with another. This pillow will easily tie a room together because of its versatility and ability to work effortlessly with a number of other pieces. Snatch this up for a cozy pillow to nap on!

Price: $17.95

Throw blankets are essential items for your dorm room because without them you would always have to cozy up in bed or grab your comforter to use -- not ideal. Sometimes it’s nice to sit at your desk wrapped in a blanket while you do homework -- and let’s be honest, you can never have too many throws! They are great for more than just lounging too -- take them to study sessions in the library, movie nights in your friend’s dorm or to a chilly sporting event in the fall. Fleece is perhaps one of the softest and coziest materials on the market, which makes this blanket even better. The solid red will also add a nice pop of color to your bed, sofa, or wherever you decide to display your throw.  

Take your throw blanket game to the next level with this Farmhouse Stripe throw. It comes with two types of stripe design and is reversible -- just flip to the side you prefer! The light cream and red combo adds a rustic feel to your dorm and will easily match your other decor items.


A great way to make your room look full is with a rug. 

Price: $16.99 and up depending on size

This Splash Watercolor Area Rug will make a stunning addition to your dorm room. With a multitude of colors, this eye-catching rug is a statement piece. Dorm room floors are typically tile, which means they get extremely cold during the winter season, so a rug is essential to keeping your feet warm. Additionally, adding a rug is a great way to make your room feel cozy and like home. By having this on the floor, your room will look fuller too -- a great way to eliminate those ugly college floors. 

Price: $22.99 and up depending on size

In college I had three rugs -- two 2x3 and one 5x7 -- so just like throw blankets, you can never have too many rugs! Between the bedding, wall decor and other items -- rugs help make your space feel complete by adding the finishing touch. This rug is a comfy and bold way to finish off your room! If you’ve bought mostly neutral colors, this rug makes the perfect closing statement. With many bright colors -- including red -- this designer inspired rug is a beautiful, shaggy and cozy piece that will look great in your dorm room. The yarn is made from durable polypropylene, which means it requires very low maintenance and only needs a quick vacuuming a few times a year. Perfect for the busy college student!

The MOST necessary yet unnecessary dorm room item: 

A Keurig

Keurig K-mini cardinal red beverage dispenser. Image courtesy of OCM.

Price: $99.99

Every college student knows that a Keurig is an essential and I repeat --essential-- dorm room item! On a busy college campus, the one thing every stressed student needs is coffee or tea -- anything with caffeine that will help keep you going throughout the day! Rather than having to add “hike to the barista” to your to-do list, this Keurig allows you to make those necessary drinks right in your dorm room. The best part is the size -- the K-mini is less than five inches wide! Small and compact, this Keurig will fit perfectly anywhere in your dorm room. 

Whether you were looking specifically for red dorm decor inspo or browsing just for fun, red is sure to have a place in your dorm room next semester! Red might not seem like a go-to color to decorate with, but hopefully this article has shown you how versatile the color can be. 

You can choose to use red as your base color and build from there or use it as an accent color and include small hints of it all through your room. Helpful hint -- I’ve always used my comforter as my base color and decorated my room to match it -- but whatever your preference, red should be a color you consider adding to your room next semester! 

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