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Nov 12, 2020
Care Packages

Love and care are always associated with sweetness, making chocolate an indulgent way to show someone how much you care for them. It’s also the perfect way to show care for your favorite chocolate lovers. 

Chocolate lover

When thinking of your loved one who’s studying away from home, remind them of the love and concern you feel for them with care packages tailored for chocolate lovers. Chocolate-filled care packages come in a variety of assortments and flavors, but the types of care packages include:

  • Baked treats
  • Snack packages
  • Seasonal sweets


Baked Goods for Chocolate Lovers

Classic 3 Box Tower

Baked chocolate treats and cookies are renowned for being irresistibly rich and soft. If you’re struggling to choose between different baked sweets when shopping for care packages, go ahead and grab yourself a value package of assorted chocolate goods plus more. 

With this twenty-three piece tower of whimsical brownies, cookies and dessert bars, the chocolate lovers who receive this care package will be silently thanking their sender with every bite. The delicious flavors include chocolate, caramel, cream cheese, and others all boxed in gorgeous packaging. 

Mrs. Fields Crimson Cookie Box

Cookies are already addictive sweet treats, and they pack an even more irresistible punch when combined with rich chocolate chunks, cookie covering, and brownies. The delicious sorted goodies combined with the lovely box packaging will make for the most ideal chocolate care package. 

This deluxe assortment of mini-sized cookies and brownies will show care in every delicious bite. The chocolate lover in everyone will gush over the rich chocolate layers in nearly every treat.

24 Sugar-Free Brownie Bites Variety Box

The best way to make a chocolate lover squeal with joy is by sending them a value pack of various brownie bites. Brownies are one the most delectable ways to enjoy chocolate. Forget those stale, store bought brownies if you’re looking for a tasty chocolate care package gift. 

An adorable box of luscious bite-sized brownie treats can lift the spirits of any stressed-out student with a sweet tooth. The tasty goods plus the sugar-free ingredients will go the extra mile to show anyone how much they’re cared for. 

Bakery Combo Gift

As rich and sweet as chocolate baked goods are, it never hurts to share that tastiness amongst a group with a sweet tooth. With this value-sized care package of sweet treats, your favorite college student can enjoy the sugary pleasure along with their friends. 

This care package checks off the list of classic baked goods-- with a miniature cake of your choice, fudge brownies, chocolate-chip blondies, and a variety dozen of cookies, not a single sugar craving will be left neglected. 


Snacks for Chocolate Lovers

Favorite Treats Gift Basket

Even though sweetness is delicious all on its own, salt can also be one of sugar’s best companions. Give your loved one the best of both sweet and savory worlds with a thoughtful care package of chocolatey and salty snacks. 

This lovely care package of snacks includes tasty peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, sea salt caramels chocolate candies, and handcrafted popcorn snacks. Any recipient of this sweet n’ salty care snack basket will have all their snack cravings indulged in one valuable care package. 

Vegan and Gluten Free Rice Krispies Treats For All

For those with dietary restrictions, chocolatey snack treats can still be edible and easy to enjoy. A cozy snack care package jam-packed with a variety of dessert flavors will bring delight to any and every lover of chocolatey sweet treats. 

This delicious care package of Crispy Rice Krispies Treats come full of a few yummy flavors such as s’mores, toasted coconut, chocolate chip, and vanilla bean. A gift of health-conscious vegan and gluten-free ingredients with a chocolatey spin will make anyone studying away from home feel loved and comforted. 


Seasonal Treats for Your Favorite Choco-holic

Birthday Crunchy Cookie and Sprite Box

What better way to help celebrate the birthday of your favorite college student than a care package of various chocolate treats? A birthday without sugar or chocolate can be remedied with a scrumptious care package of chocolate and other sweets. 

A bright and beautiful birthday box of sweet chocolate treats and delectable Sprite flavors will make that special day for your loved one feel even sweeter. Not only do the cookies come in classic and chocolatey flavors, but so do the mini-Sprite bottles. Soda flavors like caramel, chocolate chip, and mint chocolate combined with their cookie counterparts will make any birthday even more special. 

A care package of tasty chocolate desserts and snacks can bring sweetness to the spookiest night of the year. Image courtesy of OCM.

Mrs. Fields Thankful For You Box

Food and treats have always been a meaningful and delicious way to show those close to you how much you care for them, especially around Thanksgiving time. Sending a loved one studying away a care package of assorted chocolates and desserts is a delicious way to show them how much you’re thinking of them during the holidays. 

Flavored brownie bites and chocolatey cookies packaged in a beautiful box is a considerate and yummy way to show someone how grateful you are to have them in your life. Make sure your loved one feels connected and cared for during the holidays with their favorite chocolate treats. 

With plenty of chocolate treat options and occasions, it can be easy to let your favorite chocolate lover know how much you’re thinking of them. Having luscious chocolate treats and other snacks at your fingertips can bring that important someone the mood boost they need to get through the day. Finding the perfect care package can be much easier and value-packed than you’d think, especially with chocolate included.

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