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Jun 15, 2020
College Life

Congratulations! Someone you know has recently graduated from New York University. Working hard to get that college degree and the challenges and obstacles that a college student faces doesn’t compare to getting a diploma with their name and degree on it. So, you want to give them a nice gift for their big milestone, but you’re stuck on what to get them? Don’t stress, because we have come up with the perfect list on what to get the NYU grad!

There are so many gift options to get a recent graduate no matter what school they graduated from. Whether you want to get them their own diploma frame, a picture frame with a picture of them from their graduation day in it, or you just want to get them some more college gear, anything is perfect for the recent grad student. Here is a list of the best products to get a recent NYU grad to support and congratulate them on their biggest accomplishment to date.


Diploma Frames are Essential for a College Grad to Showcase Their Accomplishment

Is the recent college grad in need of a diploma to hang in their office at work, or just to keep their diploma preserved? Consider purchasing them a diploma frame!

Something that every single college graduate needs is a diploma frame! You don’t want them to hang their college diploma in any standard frame, so why not get them a diploma frame? It will look perfect in their future office, so their future clients can see it, or it is just perfect to have to hang up on the wall at their place. Diploma frames are a perfect way to display a college diploma and keep it safe from getting torn or bent in any sort of way.

Want to treat a recent NYU grad to something special? Consider purchasing the New York University Classic Diploma and Tassel Box Frame to display their hard earned accomplishment! Image courtesy of OCM. 

For your NYU grad, we recommend that you purchase the New York University Classic Diploma and Tassel Box Frame! This is the perfect frame for an NYU grad because not only does it say “New York University” in gold foil right underneath where the grad would place their diploma, but they can also place their tassel in it as well! This is a great way to put all of a graduate’s accomplishments in one place to keep them safe and to also show it off a little bit. Nothing wrong with that! So why not treat this NYU grad to an outstanding looking diploma for their hard earned degree?


Nothing Better Than a Picture Frame With a Tassel Box Included!

Graduation day is a big day, so why not frame a picture from that special day along with a graduate’s tassel?

Graduation day for a fresh college grad is one of the biggest and nerve wracking days that they can experience. It’s the ending of a four year journey through college, which is full of memories that one can remember for a lifetime. When it’s over, it can be upsetting, but with purchasing a picture frame for a college student, or more specifically, the Brushed Aluminum Tassel and Photo Frame, it will help the recent college grad to never forget their big day!

Do you have some pictures of your recent NYU graduate’s graduation day that you don’t want them to forget? Consider purchasing the Brushed Aluminum Tassel and Photo Frame to insert a picture of their big day in it along with their tassel! Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Brushed Aluminum Tassel and Photo Frame is perfect for including a 4 x 6 photo in it of either just the college graduate, the college graduate and their friends, or even just a picture of them and their family after the ceremony. Any 4 x 6 picture that the former college student wants to put in this frame will be perfect, also with the cute graduation cap on the top of the frame topping it all off! This picture frame also has a small box right next to the picture frame where the college grad’s tassel can go to keep it safe and together with their college stuff! We think that the Brushed Aluminum Tassel and Photo Frame is perfect for your recent NYU college graduate to be able to remember their graduation day for the rest of their life, so why not purchase this simple, easy gift for them?


Wall Art is Essential For a College Graduate When Moving Out on Their Own

What better way to easily inspire a college graduate that they can achieve their dreams than by buying them some simple wall art?

Graduating college is one thing, but having to officially start adulting is a whole other thing. While it can be difficult to get used to the fact that a graduate is no longer actually in college and just trying to figure out how to adjust as a recent college grad. Whether this is struggling to find a job right after graduation, or picking up your life and moving to a completely different city, graduating college can be hard on some graduates. To help in a simple way with this issue, you can buy your recent NYU grad a Mantra Wall Decor to help pick them up and get their day started in a positive way!

Want to give a recent NYU grad some words of wisdom to help them to strive for success? Consider purchasing them some Mantra Wall Decor to put on their walls for a little pick-me-up each day! Image courtesy of OCM. 

We know this may not be the most extravagant gift to get a college grad, but positive quotes have a way of healing people and reassuring them that they’re going to get through this tough time and succeed in life. The Mantra Wall Decor comes is designed using durable, sleek black metal and can stand alone or even be rearranged in a way to go along with a broader series of wall art. Each word can be hung individually in order to achieve whatever look you are going for and adhesive tape is already put onto the back of each word to make it easy to mount the words however you please. Even though this seems like such a simple gift to give to someone, we know that your NYU graduate will love and appreciate the simple reassurance on a day to day basis. 


You Are Never Wrong to Go Down the Jewelry Path for Graduation Gifts

It’s an easy gift to give, along with being inspiring to the new college grad!

Are you still stuck on what to get as a perfect graduation gift for an NYU grad? Well, we have another suggestion for you and it’s one word, jewelry. Jewelry is a simple and easy gift to get any grad for their accomplishment on getting that degree. There are so many different kinds of jewelry to get too! Whether you’re considering buying a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, we know that an NYU grad would love this as a graduation gift. 

Give a recent NYU grad some words of encouragement with the Dogeared Accomplish Magnificent Things Necklace that will surely put a smile on their face. Image courtesy of OCM. 

We recommend that you get the Dogeared Accomplish Magnificent Things Necklace for a recent NYU grad. It’s not only made out of beautiful 14k gold plated sterling silver, but it also has a beautiful and inspiring message behind it as well. This necklace comes with a message that is meant to be encouraging to graduates and with wearing this necklace, it will continue to inspire them to do great things and reach for their goals. Want to make an NYU grad’s day, give them the Dogeared Accomplish Magnificent Things Necklace and see them smile big with the wearable inspiration that you can give them as a gift!


Forget Scrapbooking. How About Displaying College Memories with a Large Photo Display?

Help a college student be able to relive their college memories with a photo display for all their friends and family!

Growing up and leaving college and entering the real world can be difficult and weird at the same time for a new college grad. There are so many things that they will forever remember from college. They have met so many new friends, gained lots of knowledge with taking so many classes, and they also have been able to experience things that they never would’ve done unless they were in college. Instead of scrapbooking, which could take a long time to do and finish, why not purchase the Hangit Photo Display to help the college grad hang their memories from college that they will never forget!

Instead of pulling out the glue and scissors with plain old scrapbooking, consider getting a NYU grad the Hangit Photo Display to hang up all of their college memories! Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Hangit Photo Display is perfect for NYU college grads because of the amount of pictures that they can hang on it. While being able to hang up at least 25 different pictures from their years at college, this requires no glue or scissors, and instead you can easily hang up your pictures by using the mini clothespins that are attached. This is perfect for a college grad to hang up in their bedroom, office, or wherever they wish! This will not only help them to be able to remember the memories they made in college, but it will also help to make scrapbooking just a little bit easier!

Trying to figure out what to get an NYU college grad can be challenging, but no matter what you get them, just remind them that they are going to do great things in life. Working hard to achieve a degree at New York University is one of the biggest accomplishments for this graduate with all of the hard work and dedication that they put into getting their degree. Is there something that you think would be perfect for an NYU grad that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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