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Oct 6, 2020
Dorm Decor

Whether it’s your first or fifth semester, decorating and shopping for your college dorm room can be exciting. But shopping can sometimes feel tedious once you realize all the items you need to make your dorm the best fit for you.

Man and woman packing

Luckily for you, bedding bundles can come to your rescue and make any dorm haul easier with simple, time-saving bundle packs. There’s a bedding bundle out there for everyone--whether you need an extensive set for all your dorm room needs, some bedding and bath essentials, or just bedding by itself.

College Dorm Haul Video

And what are dorm room essentials without gorgeous decor pieces to jazz up your space? Don’t freak out if this sounds like an intimidating shopping task. Check out examples below of how you can deck out your dorm room while both saving time and maximizing style. 


Fun and Fluttery Pink by thereal_ranyahh

If fun and feminine is your style, then the room above will give you all the inspiration you need. Create softness and beauty in every corner of your dorm room. Don’t worry about trying to find all the bedding items to match--you can get it all plus a matching bath set in one easy bundle. With your bedding and bath needs taken care of, you can focus on decor items. 

Let the pastel softness of your comforter and sheets be balanced by bold, motivational art. You can also doll up any drab dorm room walls with unique decor, ranging from stickers to other wall art pieces.  

Get this look with the Complete Campus Pak 24 Piece Bedding and Bath Set, Do It For Yourself Framed Wall Art, and Mariposa Metal Butterfly Wall Decor. Images courtesy of OCM.


Floral and Bold Prints Galore by @6thirtydecor

What’s bolder than mixing prints? Go for it if that’s your aesthetic. Though mixing prints can be tricky, the dorm above is perfect inspiration for how to do so stylishly. The neutrality of color in black and white prints make them the ideal contrast from vivid, colorful prints. 

So long as the color scheme is consistent, the types of patterns you can mix is endless. A print with vividness and graphicness is a perfect complement to something more minimalistic. You can save time and money with nifty floral bedding in a bag. Spice up the rest of your room with decor that’s just as bold and proud as the other prints. 

Get this look with the Iveta Abolina Snow Rose Bed In A Bag, Dash and Ash Cassiopeia Wall Hanging, and C’est La Vie Framed Mini Art Print. Images courtesy of OCM.


Soft Neutrals by @dormlights

A cozy, simplistic dorm room is easy to style and even easier to love. The dorm pictured shows how you can keep an interesting balance between muted colors and graphic patterns. This room’s look is achievable with a stylish bedding bag and a few decor items. 

Any pattern can feel less energetic and more comfy in a neutral color scheme, which can be ideal for any cozy bedding. Rich textiles like fluffy pillows and lush blankets add to the bed’s coziness while bringing an eye-catching element to the room. Warm, dimmed lighting makes for stylish wall decor while also creating a relaxed vibe for your dorm. 

Get this look with the Serendipity Black Bed in a Bag, Great Day Wall Quote, and 50 Light LED String Lights. Images courtesy of OCM.


Beachy Boho by @amazing_dorms

No matter if you’re going to school on a coast or in the middle of nowhere, you can always bring the beach to your dorm room. Because beaches represent nature and freedom, a bohemian decor style is the perfect accent for any mood in your room. 

We like beachy boho decor because it’s light and effortless, so grab yourself a small bedding bundle with just the essentials you need to beachify your bed. Shades of turquoise and golden yellow are the most iconic colors of beaches, so decking your room out in natural wall art and boho pattern bedding with these colors will effortlessly imitate a beach.  

Get this look with the 7 Piece Essential Bedding Bundle, Crash Into Me Tapestry, and Phirst Make Waves Framed Mini Art Print. Images courtesy of OCM.


Dreamy Floral Fun by @aly_farns

Can you ever have too many floral prints? Give your dorm the ultimate flower power. If the different floral patterns are similar in color scheme, you’ll have no worries about styles clashing together. Keep a muted, neutral color scheme if you want to play it extra safe. 

A nifty bed in a bag will help you save time dorm shopping and ensure you have the cutest matching bed sets. Make sure your walls are just as styled as your bed. Framed art prints are chic decor items for your walls while a tapestry can make the room feel like a field of flowers. 

Get this look with the Iveta Abolina White Floral Gray Bed in a Bag, Summer Aura Framed Mini Art Print, and Shanaya Wall Tapestry. Images courtesy of OCM.


Stylish by Nature by @macymorehart  

Turn your dorm room into your own personal garden with the perfect mix of natural, bohemian, and floral decor. Soft muted colors and natural patterns are the most notable elements to capture a dreamy garden mood. With a dorm essentials bundle, you’ll have all the stylish bedding you need plus items to cover your bathing and storage needs. 

The subtle simplicity of solid-color bedding with a little texture is a perfect contrast from the graphic decor items. Frolic amongst florals and greenery with wall decor and pillows. Hanging up leaf garland can give your room that natural vibe without filling the room with plants. 

Get this look with the Comfort Pak 20 Piece Bedding and Bath Set, LED Light Photo Clips, and Modern Tropical Blush Zen Lotus Pillow. Images courtesy of OCM.


Simplistic Wonderland by @zoe.snyder

Simple. Whimsical. Cozy. If you don’t have a problem with your dorm room always being described with those words, the dorm above is the perfect inspiration for you. Minimalistic bedding with lush decor are essential to balancing whimsical simplicity with coziness. With a simple bed in a bag plus a few decor items, it won’t take much to achieve this decor style. 

A neutral colored pattern for the bedding is the perfect foundation for graphic decor items surrounding it. Plush pillows and rugs can bring coziness to any part of the room. Add whimsy with dreamy lighting and imaginative wall art. 

Get this look with the Allyson Johnson Bohemian Arrows Gray Bed in a Bag, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Studded Barbara Velvet Pillow, and Ganesha Wall Tapestry. Images courtesy of OCM.


Bold and Blue by @bedsandbedooms

If you want a dorm room that can give you an energy boost just from walking in, this bold and vivid blue decor style is the one for you. The brightness can make any morning more radiant and give you the energy to push through an all-nighter. It’s crazy to think you can get so much boldness within a bed in a bag, but you can!

Match the energy of a lively turquoise patterned bedding with solid-colored decor and equally bold art prints. Let your feet land on the ocean blue softness of a rug with texture that balances its rich color. Style your walls in bold, artistic graphics to keep the vivacious color energy alive throughout the room. 

Get this look with the Holli Zollinger Shakami Denim Bed in a Bag, Shag Scatter Rug, and Ingrid Beddoes Sea Love Framed Mini Art Print. Images courtesy of OCM.


Pink Luxury by @collegerooms

Even if you can’t afford to live in luxury in your dorm, you can still have the luxe look at affordable costs. Lush texture, chic colors, and gorgeous accents are key to achieving this dorm style. Get yourself a bedding and bath bundle that’s just as lush as the many items it’s included with. 

Any color that’s not too bright can complement the luxe look, but pastel shades are the best match. Rich texture is essential, so stocking up on furry accent pillows, plush rugs, and other faux fur decor are foolproof ways to bring decadence to your room. Deck out your walls in motivational and modern art for a room that both encourages and dazzles you.

Get this look with the Dean’s List 31 Piece Bedding and Bath Set, You Are the Coolest Black Framed Wall Art, and Remen Faux Fur Cube Ottoman. Images courtesy of OCM.

A dreamy pastel room can be the ideal escape from a seemingly endless day of classes. Sweet pastel hues, soft textiles, and imaginative wall art are key components of this dorm decor dreamscape. An extensive dorm bedding bundle can give you dreamy dorm bedding and bath sets, storage tools, and school supplies. 

If you like both beds in the dreamy room above, you can choose either look with the Checklist Saver Collection bundle. With so much included in the bundle deal, you can simply focus on your decor. Strategically place lush pillows and rugs so that every nap or step you take feels like you’re on a cloud. Arrange photos and wall decor in a way that’s just as imaginative as the rest of the room.

Get this look with the Checklist Saver 39 Piece Bedding and Bath Set, Love 2 Travel Wall Art Kit, and Subway Wall Hook. Images courtesy of OCM.

It’s not always easy to shop for decor that will coordinate together while also making your dorm room look fabulous. But bedding deals like bundle packs and bed-in-a-bags will undoubtedly make your shopping feel like anything but a chore.

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