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Jul 7, 2016
Dorm Decor

Looking for the perfect mix of vintage, bohemian, and modern?

tips for creating an indie inspired dorm room

Meet the indie style! Inspired by funky patterns, muted colors, and antique touches, the style combines your favorite trends in one killer arrangement. Designing an indie dorm room is easier than it sounds, and with these tips, you can pull it off in even the smallest space.

4 Tips for Creating an Indie-Inspired Dorm Room

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1.   Start With a Neutral

Before you start going design-crazy, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. For many dorm dwellers, white is a perfect pick given that white walls is standard.However, with our Calypso bedding set, you may be falling in love with gray above all else. Gray is 2016’s "it" shade; almost everyone is falling for it. Gray goes well with everything, and lighter shades let more daring colors pop against it. The bohemian pattern in the lighter gray makes it feel like a lighter, less serious design.

calypso comforter
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2.   Add Vibrancy

With gray as your bottom layer, you’re free to add in your perfect shade of color. Royal purple, aqua blue, turquoise green, and even shiny metallics all stand out. If you like a more hippie style, try earth tones like grassy greens or sunny oranges. If you would rather go more minimum, plums and maroon can give a romantic, dreamy style.You can also add focal points to your room by utilizing different textures. Shag rugs, burlap cloth pin boards, and distressed furniture all create a space that looks like you put in a ton of thought into each and every piece in the room.

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3.   Go Cozy

Seating is an important part of your indie bedroom, but living in a dorm means you have a serious issues finding enough space. One of the easiest ways to add seating options is to bring in accent pillows that can double as floor seating. It’s comfortable, practical, and functional, and it goes with that bohemian vibe.Speaking of cozy, consider sectioning off your space so that each area serves a purpose. Create a canopy with light fabrics and string lights for your bed. Bunk your desk so that you have a study nook, and hide your linens and clothing in a closet draped in light muslin or drapes.

Bright dorm room
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4.   Bring in Lighting

Lighting is an important part of an indie-inspired dorm room. Our calypso bedding gives you tons of options for the direction you take, but we think it looks best with French modern. With fleur-de-lis like designs inside a mandala, you can find desk and side table lamps that have twists and curves over last year’s art deco lines.If you’re going for the more laid-back dorm style, choose a softer look. We are huge fans of oversized fairy lights or vintage inspired marquee letters as primary lighting. Hang these on the wall or over the bed for a dorm your guests to ooh and ahh over. With the indie style, there are just so many options that work for what you want.

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