One of the best features of newer residence halls is a shared suite with bathroom. Instead of roughing it by sharing a bathroom with tons of other college students, you get the privacy and comfort of having your own space. While that seems amazing, it does come with a few downsides, especially in having to share the cleaning duties with your roommates or organizing all your bath supplies in a smaller area. That’s where we come in! With these 6 tips for decorating and organizing the bathroom of your shared suite, you can live it up in your new spa-like bath!

6 Tips for Decorating and Organizing the Bathroom of Your Shared Suite

1. Divide the Clutter

Whether you have 4 roommates or 10, a shared bathroom can become a mess real quick unless you come up with a quick and easy organizational system that works for everyone. One of our favorite ideas is purchasing an inexpensive storage organizer that has enough drawers for each person. Clearly label the drawer and allow each roommate a space to store whatever they may need -- makeup, towels, hair supplies, and more. That way there is never an argument over the clutter.

2. Stockpile Smartly

The other challenge with shared bathrooms is most likely having to purchase your own bathroom supplies, including toiletries and cleaning items. Like your makeup and towels, all that can add up, especially if you buy in bulk. Instead of just keeping it in an unsightly and unsanitary pile, consider purchasing removable wall shelves that can keep rolls of toilet paper and cleaning kits out of sight. Shelves are also great for helping you know much of your supply is left so everyone is accountable for keeping the stock going. If installing shelves are out, purchase a door organizer with holders wide enough for toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning spray, and more. It’s inexpensive and adds loads of storage for your bathroom.

3. Buy Extras

Here’s a personal tip you must abide by: buy extra linens. But we’re not just talking about towels. Buying an additional shower curtain, shower rug, hand towels, and cleaning towels can ensure that when these things wear out (which they will do much quicker when shared frequently), you won’t have to make an emergency run to the store for replacements.

4. Bright Accents for Dingy Spaces

When it comes to decorating, keep the condition of your space in mind when deciding on accents or towel color schemes. While dark bathrooms may be in fashion, that looks works when there is natural light or a brighter tile. But dorm rooms are almost always on the more dungeon-esque side. Add a touch of color and happiness with yellow plastic flowers in clear jars, burnt red towels, or a rainbow colored shower curtain.

5. Water Colors

If your roommates are totally indecisive on color schemes, go with what works. Water filled rooms deserve water themed bathrooms. It’s crowd pleasing, gender neutral and low-frill. Turquoise is huge this year and can be combined with just about any counter style such as gold art deco lotion dispensers or funky motivational posters in white frames.

6. Keep it Simple

Having a bathroom to call your own is so adult and being able to decorate it is even better. However, when you’ve got roommates to please, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. Go low-key designs and functional uses over high fashion or strange concepts. Make sure it’s also durable as things easily break when many hands and feet use it. Focus on expanding organizing with individual peel-and-stick hooks for hand towels inside the shower and over the door organizers for robes and extra supplies. You’ll be more appreciative of simple when you’re living it!

Jun 27, 2016
Dorm Decor

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