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Dec 30, 2019
Dorm Decor

When we think of guys’ dorm rooms, we usually think monochromatic, plain, and drab.

Top Picks in Dorm Bedding for Guys

It’s not that boys don’t want style and design, but it’s more that guys don’t have the choices girls do when picking out the most important part of their room -- their dorm bedding. However, OCM is totally changing that by offering trendy and guy-approved bedding patterns. These top picks in dorm bedding for guys has something for everyone -- from ultra modern to folksy Americana. And who says guys have to stop at just sheets and pillow cases? We’ve also included a couple of extra bed items as well to really complete the look!

If you know a guy who’s going to be starting school and needs a little help with bedding design, consider using a couple of these options as inspiration!

Sheets and Comforters

These are the bread and butter of any dorm room decor

black star icon

1. Black Easton

Black-and-white doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with the right pattern, it can transform a blank canvas of a dorm room into a space full of easy and laid back style. Black Easton is the perfect pick for guys who like it sleek or who want to incorporate tons of color into other dorm decor. For example, if you love hanging records or tons of music and movie posters, Black Easton puts the focus on your walls instead of on your bed while complimenting artwork.

red star icon

2. Red and Varsity Stripe

This year, the top looks for guys’ dorms is the vintage, rustic look. Red and Varsity Stripe bedding is perfect if you’re a southern boy at heart, a huge fan of country music, or just a guy who wants a bit of traditional color in his room. Accent it with dark wood pieces such as a hanging guitar or framed pictures of your friends and family. Add distressed storage units like an old trunk or suitcases for even easier style choices.

green star icon

3. Hunter and Hampton Hunter

Hunter green and college dorm bedding goes together like peanut butter and jelly. The Hunter and Hampton Hunter bedding does a double take on this favorite color scheme. Using a design that resembles your favorite sleeping bag for camping, you’ll love how comfortable this bedding looks and feels. Plus, you can add in tons of clever outdoorsy touches to emphasize the theme. For example, use camping style lighting like an old lantern  for a look that impresses without trying too hard.

gray star icon

4. Gray Hampton Plaid

For modern minimalism, check out the Gray Hampton Plaid. You’ll get a plaid pattern that is uber popular with guys while the gray and black color pattern gives the bedding a glossy look without drawing too much attention. This bedding would also go great with an old-school gamer theme given the strong lines and geometric shapes. Add a pop of color in your choice of fleece or a throw blanket, such as a kiwi green or deep red to evoke the theme of Pac-Man or Space Invaders. Dress it up with hanging video game controllers and posters.

light blue star icon

5. Light Blue and Gibson Plaid

We’ve talked a ton about black, gray, red, and green, but there is one color that still reigns supreme with boy’s bedding: classic blue. While dark navy has been winning as of late, we think it’s time to go to the light side with the Light Blue and Gibson Plaid design. It’s perfect for a laid back guy who prefers to spend his time lounging around at the beach or around the quad. Add tans and sand colors, such as a shag rug or draping, to complete a natural theme that goes from fall, to winter, and back to spring without much need to change it up.

red and blue star icon

6. Red and Blue Buffalo Check

There’s something about buffalo check that just fits with dorm life so well. Perhaps because it gives off those classic, comfortable vibes that make it seem so welcoming. Picking up a bedding set in red and blue check creates the right amount of preppiness, without going overboard. Guys love that it’s subtle, and not over the top pattern, and in the three classic colors of red, white, and blue. Having a nice check pattern for your sheets and comforters allows you to decorate the rest of your room in solids. Consider picking up some extra pillows in a nice blue or red, and compliment those with the same color drapes as well. Carpets are always a great way to pull rooms together, plus they keep your feet warm!

red pillow and white pillow on a bed

Accent Pillows

Up the comfort level of your guy’s dorm bedding

green pillow icon

Headboard Pillow

Most of the time college dorm beds don’t come with a headboard, and when you’ve had one up until now, you might feel like your bed is missing something. Not to worry, you can always pick up a headboard pillow to create some extra cushioning between you and the wall. Our headboard pillows come in a neutral white or gray, making them useful and comfortable, but not an attention grabber. You might even forget it’s there! 

They won’t flop over or fall down either, as they’re filled with just the right amount of stuffing to help your bed serve as a study spot or just a nice place to relax.

blue pillow icon

Backrest Pillow

If a college guy you know likes to be comfortable while he’s studying, then he could definitely use a backrest pillow. These pillows are designed to bring the proper support, as well as comfort, anywhere you might choose to study or catch up on some reading. They cradle and support the back, neck, and arms so you can get hours of studying done. Whether you decide to study in your dorm room, the quad, or even in the library, you can be sure that the backrest pillow will travel well! It’s also a great option to put in the corner of a couch, to offer just a little extra support, whether you’re relaxing or catching a quick nap.

yellow pillow icon

Solid Plush Body Pillow

Sleep is important to every college guy, so make sure yours is getting the best sleep possible! Body pillows are such a nice way to get a little extra comfort and support, no matter what position you like to sleep in. It’s the perfect addition to college bedding, and because they come in solid colors, would be a great contrast against a plaid, checkered, or striped bed set. The cover is also super soft, allowing you to easily fall asleep!

pillow with a reindeer graphic on a bed

Blankets and Throws

Because sometimes baby, it’s cold outside!

navy blanket icon

Navy Microplush Throw

Depending on where your college guy attends school, there may be some mighty cold winters ahead of him. Stave off the extra chill that can creep into older dorm rooms with a soft and cozy microplush throw blanket. The solid colors in this collection will complement any bedding, and are the perfect way to add a little extra color to a dorm bedding set. Not only are they nice to look at, the microplush throw is super warm. You don’t have to keep it on your bed either, these throws also act as the warmest couch blanket ever! 

pink blanket icon

Cece Chenille Fringed Throw

Another great blanket choice is the extra soft chenille throw. The neutral colors and lightweight feel of this blanket make it a great choice to keep a little chill away while you’re studying for your next exam. It’s also very packable and folds extremely small, making it a real space saver in the dorm. Even if you don’t need an extra blanket at night, the chenille throw gives your bedding added texture and really can complete the look of your decor.

pink blanket icon

College Classic Microfleece

There’s no better way to kick it old school when it comes to dorm bedding than with a soft and cozy classic microfleece. These have been the staple of dorm beds since as long as anyone can remember, and for good reason! They’re super warm and make a welcome addition to your bed or couch. But their uses don’t stop there! These throws are the go-to choice for taking your study group out to the quad, or when do you just don’t want to sit on the cold bleachers for a football or soccer game. Another great thing about these blankets-- they last for years!

gold blanket icon

Chunky Knit Throw

If you’d like to add something a little different to your bedding, consider picking up a chunky throw to add a little extra texture to your bed set. These blankets are all over-sized as well, so you could even drape it over your whole bed or couch if you decide to. These blankets are all very warm, and although they look heavy, are actually extremely light weight.

No matter what type of style your college guy has, OCM has the bedding options for him. So why not pick up a couple of these pieces to make sure he goes back to school in style!

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