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May 23, 2020
Dorm Decor

Reading, for many people, would say that it is a great way to relieve stress and one of the best ways to escape the world that we live in today to live a different life, or pretend that you are someone else for just a short while. Books are an essential part of growing up and it is an important hobby to stick with. Reading is very healthy in order to keep your mind and brain strong, but it is easy to get tangled up with so many stories that sometimes it’s hard to keep all of your books organized properly.

With living in a small dorm and being a bookworm, it can be difficult in trying to figure out how to carefully, and efficiently organize your books. You can only fit so many books on a bookshelf til it starts to overflow and your books can get buried behind a slew of other books. It’s a struggle, especially for students that are living in a dorm. While a bookcase may seem sufficient, here are some other ideas on how to organize and store your books so they aren’t scattered around your dorm room.


Give Off the Illusion that Your Books are Standing on Their Own With Literal Bookends

Got some extra desk room? Why not check out these clever bookends that look like actual books!

If you don’t have enough room for a bookcase in your dorm, your next best bet may be to get some bookends that would go perfect anywhere in your room. Whether you have some extra desk space, or have a night stand with some room for your books, bookends are the perfect way to stand your books up instead of stacking them up in the corner of your room where they could easily get disheveled. We have a simple solution for this issue you may be facing, and we recommend that you purchase the Epilogue Bookends Set.

 Epilogue Bookends Set
Are you a huge book lover that is struggling to properly and carefully organize your books when moving into your dorm? Check out The Epilogue Bookends Set to creatively stack your books! Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Epilogue Bookends Set is perfect for every bookworm alike. Instead of regular bookends to hold your books, you can instead get bookends that look like actual books. These bookends have fake, but realistic looking hardcover books to  give off the illusion that your books are standing all on their own. These bookends are completely invisible and fun for every book nerd alike. Make sure to purchase and use the Epilogue Bookends Set to creatively hold up all of your favorite novels. 


Stay Hidden with Some Simple and Thin Bookends For All of Those Tight Spaces

Running out of room in your dorm room? Check out the Hidden Bookends Set to Keep Your Books Organized Instead of Using Bulky Bookends.

We know that you may not have a lot of room in your dorm room and trying to figure out how to rearrange everything could be challenging, especially when it comes to your books. Books are fragile and they need to be stored in a safe place or else they will wear and tear, or even get dusty if they’re just laying around in random spots in your room. To help you with making space in your dorm room, we recommend that you purchase the Hidden Bookends Set and make it look like your books are standing all on their own.

 Hidden Bookends Set
Need to make some space for your dorm room and don’t know where to put your books? Have no fear! Purchase the Hidden Bookends Set today to make it look like your books are standing up all on their own with these easy and slim bookends. Image courtesy of OCM.

The Hidden Bookends Set is perfect for bookworms that just have too many books and would prefer to have slim bookends compared to big, bulky ones. This set is easy to use when it comes to organizing your books too. All you have to do is clasp the tab to the inside of one of your books and it will stand up to make it look like your books are standing all on their own, making the bookends invisible to the eye. The Hidden Bookends Set is the most efficient bookend set to get because of how slim it is, and its invisibility to help you make the most out of the space in your dorm room.


Consider Purchasing Some Simple Shelves to Store Your Books

If you got the extra space in your dorm, make use of it and give your books their own set of shelves to keep them organized!

Even though most dorms are pretty small because you have to share it with a roommate, sometimes you find out you have more room than you thought. How exciting is that? Well, if you’re a bookworm and want to make use of this extra space, there is nothing easier to get than some shelves. We recommend that you consider buying the MeshWorks Shelving to perfectly layout and organize all of your books. 

MeshWorks Shelving - 3 Tier
Want to know one of the easiest ways to keep your books organized throughout the school year? Consider purchasing the MeshWorks Shelving unit for all of your organization needs! Image courtesy of OCM. 

With the MeshWorks Shelving, organizing your books is as easy as can be! MeshWorks Shelving comes in many different sizes, featuring a three-tier shelves, and even a five-tier shelving unit, that would be perfect depending on the number of books that you have. These are traditional wire shelves that are perfect for storing anything that you need to keep organized while you’re in college. Made out of heavy duty stainless steel, this shelving unit is easy to assemble and no tools are necessary. A shelving unit is one of the easiest ways to organize your books, and we think that the MeshWorks Shelving unit will be perfect for all bookworms alike!


Some Extra Desk Space Calls For a Nifty Desk Riser

Ever thought that a desk riser would be useful? Consider purchasing one to help organize your books!

Trying to make the most out of the space on your desk can be quite difficult. No matter what size your desk is as a college student, you could always use more space. If you’re a book lover, trying to make enough space to store all of your books can be one of the most difficult things you can do. If the only spot that you can organize your books is on your desk, you should make use of the Franklin Desk Riser to give you some extra storage space right on your desk.

Franklin Desk Riser
Ever thought about purchasing a desk riser to keep your books organized? Consider purchasing the Franklin Desk Riser to store all of your books right on your desk. Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Franklin Desk Riser is perfect for all of your storing needs, but even better if you ran out of space to properly store your books. If you don’t have any drawers on your desk, this desk riser is perfect for all of your book storing needs. Coming in two sizes, small and large, this is a durable, and dependable storage riser that is perfect for organizing all of your books. There are no tools necessary for assembling this desk riser, so it is easy to quickly place on your desk to organize all of your books. The Franklin Desk Riser is the perfect way to easily and properly store all of your books if you are running out of room.


Get a Bedside Buddy For Your Your Book Organization Needs

Keep your books right at hand with a canvas holder that can hold your books and other necessities!

Do you lay in your dorm bed at night and notice that the book you want to read is across the room, but you don’t feel like getting out of your bed to get it? Do you wish that you could keep your books right next to you at all times when you don’t feel like moving after a long hard day? We have the perfect solution for you that is a real game changer. We think that you should invest in the Bedside Buddy to keep all of your books, phone, and other necessities close at hand.

Bedside Buddy
Want to keep your books as close to you as possible, along with keeping them organized? Purchase the easy-to-install Bedside Buddy for all of your book organization needs. Image courtesy of OCM. 

The Bedside Buddy is the perfect companion for your bed and it is easy to install. Made of strong durable canvas, the Bedside Buddy has a flap that slips right underneath the mattress and it contains many pockets to hold books, your phone, glasses, pens, and many other items. If you want to keep your books close at hand, we recommend the Bedside Buddy to keep your books organized and close at all times.

Organizing your books can be difficult when trying to figure out how and where to properly store them. Trying to do this in a dorm room can be especially hard, depending on the size of your room and the amount of space that you have, but there are so many ways to go about organizing your books. We hope that we were able to help you figure out how to properly organize your books in your dorm room. Are there some bookends, a shelving unit, or other ways to organize your books that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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