There is more to campus than dorm rooms and classes. Take a new route and discover all that your campus has to offer! Make the most out of your college experience by exploring the more hidden gems of your campus. These spots are well worth the trek to find, and after all, you are paying for these facilities in your tuition!

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1.   Gym

You do not have to be a star athlete to use your university’s gym or workout area. Most colleges provide access to a gym, pool, track, or sports areas for free or very low cost. With many universities using their facilities to attract new students, you may be surprised at all of the workout benefits this privilege may come with such as a climbing wall, an ice rink, or Pilates equipment. Many colleges also offer workout classes to help beat boredom. Now you may be able to try a new yoga class, sit in a spin session, or learn a new sport!

2.   Art Museum or Gallery

Perfect for a date night or a quick dose of culture, your school’s art gallery or museum is the place to be. Larger schools provide a space in which to show a mixture of student work, alumni pieces, or art acquired over the years. The space may even be used to host events and artist visits. While it may not be the Louvre or the Met, even for amateur fine art fans, the college art gallery is a great diversion.

3.   Practice Rooms and Rehearsal Space

Music majors aren’t the only students that get to have all the fun! Music practice rooms are typically available to rent out (or mostly free) to anyone holding a current student ID. You may find yourself in a space with a grand piano or a room with recording equipment. There are even opportunities to rent out music halls or larger practice areas for band practice if you feel like rocking out. And don’t forget music computer labs—they’re the perfect space to work on composing your concerto or experimenting in new electronic music.

4.   Study Areas

Sometimes the dorm rooms do not cut it for getting in a good hour or so of studying. All the noise, distractions, and traffic can break your concentration quick. That is why many universities have designated reserved study areas open to both individuals and groups needing quiet areas away from the hustle of campus. Try your library first as these are usually the best location for them. If you prefer to study in groups, look for larger rooms that allow you to talk, collaborate, and share without having to worry about being a distraction to others. Don't forget your laptop and tech accessories, sometimes you'll be in these study areas for a long time!

5.   Health Services

If you’re sick, you don’t have to drive (or fly) home to your usual doctor. Instead, take a quick trip to your student health services building. Most are staffed by professional nurses and doctors who will treat you just as good, if not better, than your old pediatrician. These medical professionals are not there for emergencies that require an ER, but they are great for treating a nasty cold, giving out flu shots, or diagnosing a mystery illness. The student health clinics also include therapists and counselors if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or are in need of some mental health attention.


Your campus is designed to feel like home. With spaces that enlighten and educate, as well as treat the body and soul, there is little need to step a foot off campus. All it takes is finding these hidden gems to discover all that they offer.Do you have a favorite facility at your school? Do you plan on checking any of these out? Let us know in the comments!Images 1, 2

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Jul 10, 2015
College Life

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