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Jan 27, 2020
Care Packages

If you know someone who has just experienced the joy of becoming a new mom, you’re probably thinking of ways you can help her and her family out.

A new mom care package

It’s probably a very hectic time-- especially if it’s her first baby-- but you still want to let her know you’re thinking of her. A new mom is definitely going to have her hands full, and is not going to be thinking about herself, as she’s caring for her newborn now. Why not send some thoughtful items her way-- ones that she probably wouldn’t think of, and will do a lot more good than chocolate, cookies, or flowers? Although those are great ideas too!

We’ve included the top items that any new mom would love to receive from a friend or family member, so consider picking up a couple. You’ll be sure to make her smile and she’ll count herself lucky to know someone as considerate as you!

Prepackaged or Frozen Meals

Because no new mom has time to cook!

A baby is surely going to disrupt any routine that someone had before, and that includes meal time. Adjusting to the schedule of a newborn is going to be hard, so make it a little easier for your new mom and find a way to get her some healthy meals. There are so many ways you can do this too. If you love to cook, make a week's worth of meals and freeze them for her-- either breakfasts, lunches, or dinners-- or a mix of all three. Then bring them over all at once so she can easily just pop one of them in the microwave when she has a free minute.

You could also sign her up for a month (or a couple of months) worth of a meal delivery service, such as Freshly, that requires no cook time at all. It will be such a relief for a new mom and her partner to keep themselves at home with baby. This way, they won’t have to worry about running to the grocery store all the time, or rely on delivery for all their food.

Every new mom wants some comfy clothes, and one that celebrates her new name is even better! Image courtesy of TeePublic.

Comfortable PJs or Sweatshirt

Spoil her with all the comfies

What all moms want after the birth of their child is something comfortable to hang out in. Whether that’s a slouchy sweatshirt, a warm pj set, or even a nice night shirt, she’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it. As her body recovers, comfortable clothing is going to be key, whether she’s trying to catch up on sleep or just preparing herself for the day ahead. You can even make this gift for your care package even more special by customizing it to have her initials, or even just a small monogram letting everyone know she’s now a mom. If there are other kids in the household, you might want to consider getting them matching pjs or their own “big brother” or “big sister” sweatshirt too!

A nice new coffee mug is sure going to help mom when she’s been missing out on sleep. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Water Bottle or Coffee Mug

Because everyone needs to stay hydrated

A new mom is going to be going in a hundred different directions all at once, and probably not going to remember she needs to stay hydrated! Help her out by giving her a cute and extremely useful water bottle. These come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and some you can even customize with her name or a cute saying. A lot of the time mom is going to be drinking from her water bottle whenever she can, so if you can find one that has an adjustable straw, all the better for those sips from an awkward angle on the couch.

A lot of moms are going to be missing out on sleep as well when baby comes, so if she’s a fan of coffee or tea, you might want to include a cute and very useful mug for her favorite hot brew. She might be in store for a lot of sleepless nights, so make it a little easier on her and ensure sure she’s prepared!

A calming scent for the home will help alleviate some of the chaos! Image courtesy of WoodWick.

A Beautiful Scent for the Home

A wonderful scent can make all the difference

Chances are it’s going to be incredibly hard to stick to any kind of cleaning schedule with a newborn at home. A lot of visitors are going to want to stop over to see the family as well, which puts a lot of stress on the family. Help alleviate some of that stress with a relaxing and calming candle or diffuser, which is an incredibly simple way to help put her mind at ease. No one will notice that place isn’t perfect, and her home will smell amazing and welcoming to boot! 

Candles or diffusers with calming scents such as lavender, lemon, or chamomile would be a welcome addition to any home with a newborn. But don’t rule out rose, or the wonderful scent of cinnamon either!

Babysitting or Cleaning Services Gift Card

Give the new parents a well-deserved break!

Speaking of cleaning the house, any new mom would appreciate a little help in that department! There are lots of cleaning services to choose from, and you could offer to pay for a clean once a week for a couple of months. This will give the parents a nice break from at least one household chore! A gift card is super easy to send in a nice card, or even when you drop by for a visit. If the new parents need help with a fall or spring clean up for their yard, that’s also another option that will be met with many enthusiastic thank yous!

In addition to a cleaning service gift card, you could also opt to include a gift card for a babysitting service too. Sites like Urban Sitter allow you to put what you’d like on a gift card-- for a couple of hours time off or even a whole evening for the parents to enjoy. Another option is to offer up your own babysitting services-- and mean it! Make a homemade coupon that the new mom can “cash in” when she needs a break from baby duty. 

There are so many ways you can show a new mom that you’re thinking about her. It’s super easy to pick up any-- or all-- of the gifts on this list for a nice little care package. She’s definitely going to appreciate your thought and effort!

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