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Sep 26, 2019
Dorm Decor

ne of the best parts of college move-in day is decorating your dorm room. From photographs and string lights to posters and wall art, the freedom to design your very own creative sanctuary is self-expression in its truest form. Whether you leave your walls bare or cover up every inch, there’s no denying that your personality shines through your dorm room decor. 

What does your dorm room aesthetic say about you

Are you wondering what insights people might glean from what’s hanging on your walls at school? Well, if so, keep reading—because we’re about to break down what your dorm room aesthetic says about you. 

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Scrutinizing Style

While the only way to really get to know a person is to talk to and spend time with them, there are subtle indications about someone’s personality that you can pick up on through small details, like dorm room decorations! We’re not saying to judge your new floormates based on what posters they have, but you might be able to tell if you share some common interests by looking at their style. 

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Inspirational Mantras and Feel-Good Quotes

Words are powerful! So much so, that many people opt to decorate their living spaces with their favorites sayings and quotes that they find uplifting. Dorm rooms are no exception. In fact, what better place to keep some motivational material than where you’ll be spending most of your time in college? 

From corny and cute to deep and thought-provoking, inspirational quotes are a great way to add some comfort to your dorm room. Image courtesy of Susan Clifton Art Prints. 

A person who has reassuring and inspirational decor might not be a full-fledged optimist, but they’re definitely trying to make positivity a part of their everyday life! This person is filled with good vibes and well wishes, even if they need to remind themselves to take their own advice every once in a while. 


Band Posters and Music Memorabilia

Your favorite bands can harbor some personal significance that you might not always be able to explain. Posters, album covers, and other types of band merch can be found on the walls of most hardcore fans. 

Abbey Road Cover Art
Abbey Road may have come out in 1969, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still see this iconic album art plastered in dorms around your college campus. Image courtesy of Billboard. 

A person with a lot of band art is someone who is proud to love their favorite band and considers its music to be a major influence in their life. This person is always down to talk about music and will never say no to a live show. 

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Maps and Travel Souvenirs 

Picking up cool knickknacks and art from other places is just something that happens when you travel. Decorating your dorm with relics from your past adventures is a fun way to preserve your memories—plus, it’s the perfect conversation-starter. 

adventure awaits
Photos, postcards, and maps are all options for taking your travels with you to college. Image courtesy of LoveYourFuture. 

A person with a travel-themed dorm loves to explore and won’t shy away from the unfamiliar. This person will be happy to swap travel stories and is always looking for new experiences to have. 

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Photos of Family and Friends 

For meaningful dorm decorations loaded with personal sentiment, just tap into your own collection of photos! You don’t have to be a photographer to print and hang the pictures from your camera roll. Decorating your walls with photos of friends and family is a colorful, visual reminder of what’s important in life that and will make your new dorm room feel like home. 

instant photographs on a wall
Polaroid prints are a trend that’s reemerged recently, but whatever way you develop your photos, you’ll never get tired of seeing the familiar faces of the people you love hanging right there on your dorm room wall. Image courtesy of Musely. 

A person who decorates their dorm with photos of their family and friends is someone who values the people they love more than anything else. This person is a caring friend who will gladly snap a picture with you to add to their photo wall. 

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Movie Posters 

Whether you prefer comedy, horror, drama, or a different genre, some movies will have you thinking about them long after the end credits have finished. For this reason, movie posters are a super popular way to decorate your dorm (plus, there’s some pretty cool movie art out there!). 

Breakfast At Tiffany's Poster
Not only is Breakfast at Tiffany’s a classic film, but it’s also become a classic dorm room movie poster! Image courtesy of AbeBooks. 

A person with movie posters in their dorm room is someone who appreciates the art of cinema—or maybe they’re just really into superhero movies. This person is a movie-watching buddy who will happily stay in with you to eat popcorn and watch Netflix on a Friday night. 

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Minimalist/Blank Walls

You might forget just how blinding those white dorm room walls can be until you walk into a room where the walls have little to no decorations. If you’re someone who loves color and design, you’ll probably be taken aback by a person who’s willing to live in a room without much of either. So, what’s up with that? Is there something wrong with leaving your dorm room walls blank? 

Minimalist dorm room

Answer: Absolutely not! A person who doesn’t do much decorating in their dorm room is probably too low-maintenance to bother with all of the extra work. This person is easy-going, laid back, and probably doesn’t care too much about meeting social expectations. 

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When It Comes to Decorating Your Dorm Room, Only One Thing Matters—Having Fun! 

No matter how you decide to go about decorating your dorm room, just remember that it’s all up to you! Do as much or as little as you want to reflect your personality in the new space. There’s no right or wrong way to choose what to hang on your walls, so make sure to have fun and create a place where you feel comfortable.  

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